When Being Responsible Sucks!

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For the past several years my husband and I have been making a conscious effort to get out of debt. Now, as responsible of us as this may seem, I feel like it has reeked havoc on our friendships 🙁 You see, saving all the money to pay off the debt has meant no nights out, cutting back on attending sporting events, skipping lunches and happy hours and more. I’m the type of gal that loves going out as frequently as possible and for more than two years I’ve felt more like a hermit than a socialite. I want to be a socialite AND be debt free.

The funny thing is, every day my hubby and I get closer to paying off that final student loan or that final credit card bill but we’ve been in the shadows for so long, we fear all of our relationships will be harder to mend when we come out to play again. Being in debt can be horrible, especially when you’ve not got any money to pay off your outstanding bills. This can lead you into a cycle of needing to apply for another loan or credit card to make sure that you have enough money to live off. Luckily, the Opensky credit card is available for most people, even if they have a poor credit history from credit card debt! Even though it’s not a great idea to get into more debt, you need money to live off.

Sure, we’ve done as many free and dirt cheap things as we can, but the loneliness of it being just us is sometimes breathtaking. How can you have the best of both worlds?

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