I Guess I’m a Decent Cook! Who Knew?!? LOL

(Last Updated On: May 30, 2017)

The best compliment my husband has ever given me on my cooking he gave me tonight, “Holy crap hon I feel like I’m eating at a restaurant.” Followed by, “I’m so full but it’s so good I just can’t stop eating it.” Then, when I tried to take his plate because I thought he was done I thought he was going to attack me, “Don’t take that! When I digest a little I’m going to munch on the rest.”

Wow! Guess I did good! LOL!

For the curious- I made thick cut pork chops that I let sit with a dry rub of Montreal Steak Seasoning for two days then baked them in an oven bag that I placed in a Pyrex baking dish. All I did to bake the pork was added a heaping tablespoon of all-purpose flour to the oven bag and then poured one can of sliced potatoes. I left the liquid in the can to give the pork some more moisture. Then, I added the pork, closed the bag and cut 6 half-inch slits into the bag so the bag wouldn’t explode whilst cooking… I put it into a preheated 350 degree oven for 35 minutes. After the timer went off I pulled it out to make sure the pork was done and then covered it with foil, placed it back in the oven, knocked them temp down to 150 degrees to keep it warm and made some mac and cheese. Simple right? I could have made it even simpler if I’d just used frozen pork chops in instant pot recipes. Still, I wanted to put a bit more effort in this time and do something really special. Still, it wasn’t all perfect as some of you will have noticed…

I know – two starches with dinner- leave me alone! We didn’t eat the potatoes tonight so there! I’m saving those babies for tomorrow’s dinner!

Oh, and I made a sauce to dip the chops in. My husband LOVES sauces and I started making one a while back that he loves on steak so I thought we would try it on the pork chops and it was a hit. It’s just two ingredients- Sour cream and creamed horseradish. So easy it felt like cheating but we gobble that stuff up!

Anyway- the mac and cheese and the pork chops tickled my hubby’s fancy apparently! I’ll definitely be making this again because he told me it would be wrong of me to introduce him to pork chops that yummy only to take them away forever. He’s so dramatic sometimes. hahaha!

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