90s Kids Memories

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2018)

I was born in 1984 but was raised 90s style. Yes, that’s me above in the
90s…oy! Why a black and white photo? Well, I was blessed with
horrible acne so I preferred all my photos in black and white to hide my
acne as much as possible!

Oh the 90s…. I had a trapper keeper, a gigapet, loved Ring Pops and Clueless
was my go to movie ALL THE TIME! I even tried to dress like Cher from
the movie and dreamed of having her rotating closet. memories….

What brought about these flashbacks? Well, tonight my friend Kim and I are traveling to Orlando to watch a New Kids on the Block concert complete with Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees.

To show just how all out I’m going with the 90s theme for the night…I’m going to wear a slap bracelet, put my hair up in a scrunchie, my backpack purse and wear this ridiculously loud shirt I painted:

You know you want that shirt! Jealous? Yes, you are! Don’t lie. LOL.

I want to see if I can find some ring pops on the way to Orlando too!!! hahahaha

I know Kim and I are going to have a blast at the concert! I’ve been
re-memorizing all of the songs and plan to sing the ones I can remember
at the top of my lungs! YES!!! ….I will go to bed really early after
the concert though. NOT!

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