Top 10 Things I Learned From BlogHer ’13


One week ago today I was arriving back to Tampa from Chicago. I had just encountered a whirlwind of a weekend known as BlogHer ’13. Exhausted mentally and physically, the plan was to get to work right away on everything I learned at this amazing conference, after a loooooooooong sleep session of course. Sadly, my body had other plans as I spent most of this week dealing with a sinus infection that was causing me some pretty frustrating headaches and blah blah blah…

Fast forward to today and I’m feeling a little better and ready to hit the ground running…I’ll start with this post..Here are the top 10 things I learned from BlogHer’s 2013 Conference.

1. I have too many blogs! LOL! (See below this list for my new plan)
2. I packed too many clothes. I focused too hard on trying to have an outfit for day time and night time and given my transportation and “living” arrangements for the weekend I should have stuck to one outfit for day and night…which brings me to my next lesson
3. I should have stayed at the designated conference hotel for the entire weekend. Having done so would have afforded me the opportunity to not worry about the swag in my bag because I would have had a way to easily drop it off, I would have been able to comfortably change clothes between day and night activities and I would have been able to hang out more with the girls I met instead of needing to find a way back to my sleeping location.
4. Being outgoing is a good thing! I talked to as many girls as I could! I made a point to go out and just chat with anyone who would listen to me and talk back with me. It was awesome! I met a bunch of people and can’t wait to get to know them and their blogs!

5. My vlogging hangups are just plain silly! Every woman has something about themselves they wish they could change. Instead of focusing on my looks, I need to just get in front of the camera and go for it! Thanks Katy in a Corner for your great session!

Jill Nystul of  One Good Thing By Jillee and The Famous Ashley Grant

6. Pinterest is the current key to big traffic. I got to meet whom I would refer to as the queen of Pinterest , the blogger behind One Good Thing By Jillee. Jill Nystul is awesome! If you aren’t familiar with her amazing blog, then you are either not on Pinterest or just not paying attention to her million plus repins of awesomeness!!! I fully intend to use her tips on getting the most out of Pinterest ASAP!
7. I need new business cards with my twitter handle and less clutter. This goes along with the too many blogs thang…I need simpler cards. That is all…
8. I should have budgeted for the unexpected. I ended up needing a last minute hotel room for Saturday night and was out $350 I did not have by the end of the weekend. I regret not having a “just in case” fund in my budget!
9. I’m not working hard enough. I get too lazy and am barely scratching the surface of the awesomeness that comes with blogging and vlogging. I’ve got a ton of work ahead of myself to be as good as I now want to be!
10. Going to conferences is very good for me! Blogging is so lonely sometimes and meeting real people and seeing their faces was absolutely wonderful! Sure, we may not hang out on a regular basis, but at least now if we comment on each others blogs or skype or some other form of communication it will feel more like we actually know each other and can connect.

Eight blogs
is a lot, but I love all of them. I have decided though that I will let
one blog dominate and the rest will become hobby blogs as they say. I
plan to focus pretty hard on one and then in my spare time I’ll add
posts to the others. The one I have decided to focus on? Lessons Learned From Frugal People
– Why? As I was soul searching and brainstorming I figured out
something pretty cool about myself. I LOVE learning things and sharing
them, but I’m also A.D.D. The awesome thing about Lessons Learned From Frugal People
is that I can be A.D.D. and still have one major focus. Saving money
can be as diverse a topic as all of my blogs but it boils down to one