It’s Been a Blur Since Returning from BlogHer

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David Tutera and The Famous Ashley Grant

The last several days have been a complete blur since returning from BlogHer 14. I got home at 11 something Sunday night, in bed by after midnight and woke up Monday morning exhausted and still on California time demanding three more hours of sleep because seriously it was still just 3 a.m. there! Note to self- next year take an extra day to recuperate!

I made lots of connections and have not yet had a chance to follow up with a single one of them. Sigh… The day job until I’m famous had to come first. The good news is it’s Friday and other than a photography gig and a movie I’m seeing I’ve planned to devote this weekend to going through my massive pile of business cards looking for the people I swore I’d email and then I will spend the next week doing just that!

I still have lots of photos to post, reviews to write and shout-outs to give and I will keep my word that this year I will not abandon the cards and the people behind them for several months. I will not give anyone the chance to forget about me! So, if I met you at BlogHer and said I’d write you – I will 🙂 If you said you would write me, I understand why you haven’t yet. Let’s continue to get caught up and we will connect real soon.

Famous Ashley Grant