Penny Hoarder Office Warming Party 11-19-15

Penny Hoarder party 111915

For those of you who don’t know, there is this nifty website that teaches not only how to save money, but awesome ways to make and grow your money too. It’s called The Penny Hoarder and if you haven’t visited yet, you simply MUST!!! They have so much awesome on their site just waiting for you to enjoy for free.

On Thursday, November, 19, 2015 they had an office warming party in St. Petersburg, Florida and since I live just 45 minutes away, you know I just HAD to attend. Their offices are so cool too. Exposed brick, open layout, collaboration rooms- it’s just the neatest place! I’m hoping I’ll get the chance to freelance for them, but in the meantime- they know how to throw a killer party! Check out more of my photos from their office warming below:

Penny Hoarder 7How awesome is this table completely decked out in…what else? PENNIES!!!! Because- art. Speaking of art….check this out:

Penny Hoarder 2Yep- the artwork on the walls is two big clear boxes filled with coupons. You can save hundreds on unique artwork by creating your own!

Penny Hoarder

Cupcakes- They looked amazing, but I didn’t eat a single one. Shocking I know, but I was too obsessed with the pineapple wrapped in bacon. I may or may not have eaten eleventy billion of those little buggers!

Penny Hoarder 3

Sweet coffee cups that the fearless leader Kyle Taylor, former USF Bull and overall amazing AF guy was drinking wine out of that night. He gets massive cool points with me for that! What was really nice though? He gave everyone who attended a swag bag that had one of those cups in them! I know what I’ll be drinking my hot cocoa with peppermint schnapps out of next month!Penny Hoarder 4Along with the comfiest of socks and the coffee cup I mentioned, the swag bags came with sunglasses. I’m totally going to re-purpose the bags as Christmas gift bags in true Penny Hoarder fashion!

penny hoarder 22

I met a lot of the staff at the party too!!! This is me with Jamie Cattanach! To say I had a blast talking with this chick would be putting it mildly. So much win!!!

At the end of the party- I still kept chatting because I was having so much fun I didn’t want to leave. Finally, I did leave, but I can’t wait to see what else comes from Penny Hoarder. And, if I end up freelancing for them, you know I’ll totally put a shout out here on my site.