How I Spent My 2014 Fourth of July

How did you celebrate America’s 238th birthday? As for me, my husband came up with a romantically sweet idea. Warning! I’m about to get all gushy about how sweet my husband can be.

I had suggested going to a park near one of the many places in Tampa Bay that would be having fireworks. He upped the ante by suggesting we stay home drinking wine, eating cheese and watch fireworks from our balcony (lots of folks light fireworks around the lakes of our apartment complex). To take this romantic gesture even further he took me to Publix where we tried a bunch of cheeses to find four we liked the most for a yummy cheese plate. Then it was off to the wine aisle to grab a couple of bottles of wine and on the way to the check out we grabbed some crackers.

Here’s the final cheese plate with the crackers:

During the fireworks my hubby asked me to stand up and he and I hummed our first dance song from our wedding as we danced on the balcony. I felt like the only woman in the world on that balcony as the fireworks lit up the sky and we danced to our song. He definitely scored high on the romantic scale. After a while the fireworks faded but he had a plan for that too!

He grabbed a couple of RedBox flicks for us to finish out the night with.- Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and 47 Ronin. We started with Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and although I confess I fell asleep during 47 Ronin, overall I have to say this Fourth of July was the most fun I’ve had with my husband.

How did you celebrate your Fourth of July?

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