Unusual Uses For Essential Oil

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Aromatherapy: a way of using aromas and fragrances to calm the soul, relax the nerves and rejuvenate the spirit. Essential oils, small bottles of liquid fragrance, is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to aromatherapy, but did you know those water-like fragrances can be used in other ways? Here are a few you might not have considered:

Most of us use fabric softener, but to change the smell of the dried clothes, add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil onto a dry washcloth. Place in the clothes dryer along with the damp clothes. The clothes will be static-free but won’t smell like everyone else’s clothing.

Instead of throwing out old potpourri, which has lost its smell, place the potpourri in a plastic bag. Drop in a couple of drops of essential oil and shake. Place the scented potpourri back in the container where it was.

Don’t purchase room deodorizing sprays; make them yourself. Just use a squirt bottle full of water and drop in three or four drops of your chosen oil. Spray around the room, spray the furniture, spray rugs, lampshades, drapes and more

Add essential oil drops – two or three drops – to a box of cornstarch or baking soda. Tape the box shut and shake well. Leave this sitting for a day or two then sprinkle it on your capets and rugs. After allowing it to stand for an hour, vacuum up the powder and enjoy!

Purchase small brass rings from a craft store and use them to scent the room. Lay a ring on the light bulb of a lamp and drop a single drop of essential oil on the ring. As the bulb heats the ring the aroma will fill the room.

Put a couple of drops of essential oil on a cotton ball and place it inside your vacuum cleaner bag. The scent fills the room as you sweep. Place a new cotton ball in only when you change the bag.

Run mice out of the house by using peppermint oil on cotton balls. Place them under the kitchen sink, inside closets and other areas where mice are a problem.

Dab cotton balls with lemon oil and place one in each of your sneakers or other shoes. Overnight, the essential oil will eliminate bad odors and leave your shoes smelling great. Do this to car interiors, too. Dab the chosen oil on the cotton balls and set one under each seat.

Smells and aromas are a part of our everyday lives but those smells can be good, not bad. With essential oils you can have lovely aromas in your home, your vehicle and on your person at all times!