Tuna Can Candle Holders – Easy and Adorable Craft

Materials needed:

– An empty and cleaned tuna fish can- the 2.5-3 oz. cans work the best.
– Clothes Pins (the ones with a hinge)
– Tea Light candle or battery operated tea light
– Long lighter or long matchstick


How to Assemble:
1. After removing all the paper and cleaning the tuna fish can make sure it’s completely dry
2. Place a clothespin on the edge of the can
3. Simply keep pinning clothespins around the can until you have filled the rim with them. You may need to space them out a little if you run out of room so the candle holders look uniform.

4. Drop a tea light in and light it to enjoy!

If you want to add some color to the clothespins you could modpodge some scrapbook paper onto them or paint them with acrylic paint.

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