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There is a saying I’ve loved for as long as I can remember – “you can’t give from an empty cup.” You have to take care of yourself in order to give to anyone else. Are you filling your own cup up before trying to give to others?

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It’s okay. I do it too. All the time. But there comes a point where self-care is more than just needed, it’s down right critical for your well being. I’ve often said to others, “You have to take care of yourself because in the end only you can.”

I’ll stand by that statement until my dying day. Though it’s true that others can help you, it’s ultimately up to you to make sure that you are getting everything you truly need in life.

Self-care is more than just taking an occasional bubble bath or spending a little time alone. It is taking care your personal, physical, medical, mental, and spiritual needs. It’s about maintaining a good relationship with yourself, and inducing positive feelings of self-confidence and self-esteem.

We have all heard people say of someone “they have let themselves go”. And that doesn’t mean that the person has become so comfortable with themselves they just let it “all hang out”. No way – it is typically when a person has lost their self-esteem, their self-confidence; they need love, attention, and pampering. There are many ways that you can regain your confidence though, you just have to find the right thing for you. Some people like going out and buying new clothes, even getting something like this Louis Vuitton Replica items! It’s all about having things in your life that you love and things that will help boost your confidence!

Maybe you yourself have been sitting in your office and you have had a busy week at work. You are attending meetings that require a lot of preparation, and when you look at your calendar, it’s just jam-packed with stuff you have to take care of. These could be things you need to do, places you need to be; people you need to please.

But the big question is – How are you going to make the time and space to do it all?

Sometimes you wonder if you shouldn’t slow down a bit of work, you cancel a few of your own activities, you cancel a few engagements with some of your friends and you even skip a few meals.

And to keep up with the fast pace of living, it will often be that there is just no time at all to take care of your own self-care needs. You simply put that on the back burner.

It makes no difference how indulgent you think the word, ‘self-care’ sounds, it is absolutely crucial for your well being.

Think about the airplane warning – announcing that when an emergency happens and the masks drop from the ceiling, to first help yourself with your mask and then help others to put on their masks.

That makes perfect sense. If you didn’t help yourself first, there would be you and the other people out of commission, wouldn’t there? Take a look why you shouldn’t neglect self-care:

  • You need to know your worth: That is why self-care is so important in order to maintain healthy relationships with yourself – healthy foods, physical exercises; these are vital if you are to stay positive and to build your own confidence and self-esteem. You need to remind yourself and others that your person has needs too, and they are important.

  • You need to maintain a healthy work-life balance: Some people count being a workaholic as something that is a virtue, but when you overwork and act like you are walking on a tightrope, full of stress and exhaustion that can eventually lead to you being less productive, disorganized, and emotionally unable to communicate properly with others, then it is not a virtue at all. If you love your job with a passion and it makes you feel wonderful and fulfilled, then yes, maybe being a workaholic in that sense can be even beneficial. But don’t let a hectic lifestyle where you never think about your needs rob you of your health and fill you with anxiousness, depression, insomnia and eventually all kinds of diseases.

  • Manage your stress: A little bit of stress can be healthy and keep your brain active and your body awake and anticipated, but when it becomes full of stress and anxiety on an ongoing basis, you need to take note and cut back. You need to think of your own needs, like taking breaks and learning how to boost your energy and confidence levels with excellent management of your stress with healthy food, healthy lifestyle, and healthy exercises.

  • Start living and stop just existing: Remember that life is such a precious gift; make every day count, spoiling yourself with some of the wonderful experiences that come from nature and Life itself. Read a book, start a hobby, bake something for the old age home, volunteer – these are all self-care activities that give you a purpose in life and give you a new reason for getting up in the morning.

  • Get your health physically right: Last, but not least by far – because if you fail to take care of your body and its health and needs, you are going to find your mental health will suffer – which means you need to eat healthfully and mindfully. You have to get your sleep, you have to ‘enjoy’ life and you have to exercise so that you can be of benefit to others and lead a meaningful life. One way of improving your quality of sleep is through using a sleep machine. Some sleep machines can help with your breathing, giving you a peaceful and restful night’s sleep. If you are looking for a self-care gift similar to this, you may want to visit somewhere like CPAP to find out more.

That means staying calm and pampering yourself and those you love with self-care ideas to propel you into the New Year full of health, peace, love, happiness, zest, and promise! The self-care gift ideas below can certainly perk anyone up, because they can often speak to your inner most needs.

Self-Care Gift Ideas

A skin serum that will keep your skin glowing

This is a fantastic serum, lightweight and highly effective, and small enough to carry around in your bag. It contains bakuchiol which is a plant-based product but is an alternative to using retinol but without sometimes the skin irritations and sensitivity that can often come with using retinol. And it’s suitable for all skin types as well as being non-comedogenic which means it won’t block the skin pores.

2-Sided terra-cotta foot scrubber

If your feet always feel and look dry and cracked, and they have calluses, you can’t +do without this terra-cotta foot scrubber. This will help to keep your feet looking smooth and cared for, no matter what outdoor activities and tough wear and tear you inflict on them. Oprah Magazine rates it as “the best” as far as cleansing, exfoliating and smoothing the skin goes, and it’s so easy to hold as you work your way around your feet. Because it’s hand-formed and been kiln-fired and sun-dried, it will last longer than other pumice stones do.

A hot fabric steamer

It’s sometimes so awkward packing in an ironing board and iron when traveling but now comes Conair with a fabric steamer that eliminates all that. All you do is plug it in and in a matter of 75 seconds; you can literally steam out the wrinkles in your clothes. This particular one is 30% hotter than others as well, killing bed bugs and dust mites too. We recently had a bed bug infestation in our mattress and it was so unpleasant. Although steam cleaners are an effective method of killing bed bugs, our mattress was so bad we had to get some pest control experts to come and sort it for us. Thank god it’s all sorted now!

A flashlight to use hands-free

It’s got flexible arms, and it can last for as long as 10 hours just by charging up once. It comes with 3 different modes of LED lighting – spotlight, spot wide and wide angle. It only weighs 3 ounces, making it easy to take wherever you go. You can hang it around your neck or twist it around anything you need it for. You won’t want to go without this for camping, hiking; in fact for anything.

A cutting board making food preparation so easy

Saving you so much time, this cutting board folds out flat to chop vegetables but also folds up to form a kind of chute, easily disposing waste at the one end or if you want to rinse off food, you can use the strainer end. It’s also coated with a non-slip edge so food doesn’t slide over the counter while you are working.

Silicone rings to make breakfast a breeze

Sometimes when there are a lot of you for breakfast, preparing eggs and pancakes can be pretty messy and exhausting. These flexible rings are the solution because they create a seal to make perfect circles of pancakes and eggs. They’re made from heat-resistant silicone, so they’re pretty safe to use and they don’t scratch and stick to pans either.

A snuggly ‘pedic-pillow

With this fantastic pillow, you need never toss and turn, trying to find the cool sides. The Snuggle-‘Pedic pillow is hypoallergenic, and it even adjusts to all the positions you take in, conforming to your neck for extra comfort – no need to be constantly fluffing out.

White Noise Machine

If you have trouble sleeping you will love the White Noise machine. Here you get offered 6 different natural sounds that you will find so helpful in helping you to fall asleep faster, leaving you more energized and ready for whatever the day brings. There’s a handy timer, too, so that it will switch off at the right time.

A Japanese washcloth like no other

Some claim they work better than sponges or loofahs. It makes sense seeing as each cloth is made from exfoliating nylon. They are ideal for people who want to achieve a deep cleanse without going overboard on the soap. It’s excellent for helping to rid your skin of dead skin, leaving your skin smooth and glowing.

Compression socks for swelling in legs

When your legs and feet ache and swell at the end of a long day, compression socks will come to the rescue. They relieve swelling and provide varicose vein swelling relief, focusing on the foot, the heel and the calf areas. They cut moisture too, so your feet say nice and dry all the time when wearing them.

An inhaler containing pure Himalayan salt

Made from pure Himalayan salt, you will get help with respiratory wellness and coughing relief. This gift comes in a very helpful travel-size salt inhaler, with the salt included – ideal for traveling, which you will want to have with you for years on end. People have been known to say how it opens up the airways, giving natural relief. Looking for even more Himalayan salt products? Check out this Lunar moon lamp. Salt lamps produce a beautifully soft glowing light and make wonderful gifts.

A moisturizing face mask

When you put this LuLuLun face mask on to your face, the results are soft, supple and moisturized skin. These masks fit perfectly on to your skin offering nourishment to your entire face with their infusions of Lipidure for lasting results.

French Lavender body scrub

Bring a luxuriating spa for yourself or for someone you care about because of this French Lavender Body Scrub. It’s got plant oils in it, as well as plenty of vitamins and antioxidants to make it the perfect companion for a soak in the tub. It’s also vegan, gluten and soy free, and made from natural ingredients.

Throw-blanket your body will love

These throws are absolutely super soft and they are 100% acrylic, offering you nothing short of softness, warmth, and luxury, let alone beauty to your home.

Slippers for nights in

You can’t get cozier slippers than these, these Chilote slippers, which mold to the feet of wherever wears them, for sheer comfort. Crafted with only natural materials, you will wish you could wear them to work!

WoodWick Jar Candles

There is nothing quite as lovely as the aroma of a fabulous candle around the holidays. It has a natural wooden wick, that makes it sound like a gently crackling fire and this jar candle can last you for a good 180 hours.

Aromatherapy inhalers

These fantastic inhalers are a great way to take essential oils with you on the go. Naturally, no one can carry a diffuser around all the time, but a small aromatherapy inhaler will easily fit in your bag.

You can choose whichever essential oils you want to suit your need, whether it is to lift your spirits, to relax or to offer you immune support. For instance, lavender, clary, and sage will help you to sleep and orange and rosemary can help you to focus.

A lava essential necklace

Most of us have seen those necklaces that allow you to carry your favorite essential oil in them. But there are not many where you can actually infuse the jewelry you are wearing with some of your favorite essential oil.

This very stylish lava stone necklace in a triangular shape is made from natural lava, making it porous, and allowing you to apply essential oils for the aromatherapy benefits throughout your day. They are ideal for someone needing some TLC.

Self-care is a foundation to build on

And that’s true because when we practice self-care on ourselves, it stands us in good stead to better help others, making a positive impact on the world. Here are even more self-care ideas that will benefit you, and the people you love and care for:


Books are the ideal choice for anyone who is into self-help and self-care. It makes no difference whether your thing is fiction, or natural health, or something spiritual, there’s a book that will meet any need or inspire wonderful ideas. Even audiobooks are ideal for when people who just don’t ‘have the time’ to read.

Courses and classes

Those that want to live their best life and love adventure and finding out about new things will love a self-care glass to nourish their soul. There are cookery and music classes, there are art classes and all sort of courses or classes that will help you make the best of yourself and the situations you find yourself in.

Take care!

Actually, self-care has become one of the most popular buzzwords of today, but it’s because people finally realize just how important it is.

Heaps of people, and particularly women, spend a lot of their time supporting and helping other people in their families that they often don’t have the time or energy to focus on themselves, and particularly what their body needs, which is so important.

Take time to be kind to yourself so that you can serve those whom you love best, not forgetting yourself because that means taking back your power.

Looking for a gift for someone who needs to indulge more in self-care? You've come to the right place! This post is full of self-care gift ideas.

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  2. I didn’t do as well in 2018 with my self-care goals as I would have liked. I didn’t realize it was going to be so much work to retrain myself. But these are great gifts ideas (that I might just gift myself). 2019 is going to be much more dedicated to the shift.

  3. There are so many ways you can practice self-care for your mind, body, and soul. I do still love my once a week baths, but I also enjoy cooking a healthy meal, while listening to my favorites podcasts. It makes me feel so refreshed.

  4. Self-care is very important and I agree, it’s not only about taking care of your body physically but all the other aspects as well. These are great gift ideas.

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