How to Make Flower Pens – Just in Time for Mother’s Day!

Materials needed:

– non-spring ink pens
– fake flowers- I got mine from the Dollar Tree
– hot glue gun
– scissors/wire cutters
– floral tape

How to Assemble:

1. Snip a flower off the bunch using scissors/wire cutters leaving about a quarter of an inch of the stem
2. Hot glue the stem to the top of one of the pens (for extra stability I usually add more glue to the side of the pen from the top to the end of the quarter inch stem)
3. Start from the top of the pen, begin wrapping the floral tape until you get to the end of the pen. There is a divot at the end of the pen before you get to the in part- that is where I typically stop. (Hope that makes sense)

4. Voila! You’ve got a flower pen. For added flair I’ve seen gals take a bunch of these pens and place them in a flower pot filled with marbles.


12 thoughts on “How to Make Flower Pens – Just in Time for Mother’s Day!”

  1. Hi Ashley .. thank you for sharing this very creative DIY.
    My son is 10 years old, he really likes and immediately tried to make it.

    Mama keizha

  2. This is a great idea. We can also do it with some old pens also, they’ll look beautiful and can be gifted also.

  3. This is such a cute idea! This is my sister’s first mother’s day and this would be such a cute thing to make her. Thanks for the great instructions!

  4. That’s an awesome gift idea! I love DIY gifts because they’re made from the heart.

  5. I love this flower pen! It would look really lovely on my desk, just like I have a bouquet of flowers everyday. I will try and make some myself. Thanks for the idea!

  6. Cute idea! This would make a nice gift for my work mates. It is just a simple craft and inexpensive too, but the thought that you remember your workmates that are mothers too is enough to make them smile. 🙂

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