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Recently, Fireball Whisky sent me a bottle of their delicious liquor to review. I decided once they complied I would share some crafty cocktails with ya’ll. Why? Because, honestly, who doesn’t love a good cocktail recipe?!?

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Straight up Fireball Whisky tastes like the Atomic Fireball candies we all remember from grade school. Seeking new adventure, after receiving the bottle I went to their website and looked at a bunch of the recipes they recommend. Below are the ones my husband and I tried and what we thought about them:

Christmas in Your Mouth

3/4 oz Fireball Whisky

1/4 oz vanilla vodka

Top with cranberry juice, mix and shoot

– This shot hurt BAD, but it tasted so good. It went down hard but was quite yummy. My husband hated the after taste of this shot. I couldn’t really tell it had one because I was too focused on the burn



Fireball Whisky

Coffee liquer

I guess equal parts? (The website wasn’t clear so that’s what I did)

Mix together for a shot or pour over ice

– I chose this drink simply because of it’s name. When it was mixed it actually looked like the color of C-4- or what I’ve seen of C-4 in shows like Burn Notice. LOL! While Fiona couldn’t make more than a molotov cocktail with this drink like she does in season 1, I think she would approve of this drink’s consistency and flavor. My husband Jeremy and I did this drink as a shot and it was pretty good. Just don’t spill it like we did because it is sooooooooooooo sticky when it’s all over everything.

The supplies…

Cinnamon Toast

1 part Fireball Whisky

2 parts Chila ‘orchata (We used Rumchata)

Mix, chill and serve as a shot

– This was our favorite drink of the night! We definitely could have had more than one of these a piece but we only bought enough Rumchata to make one drink a piece). So frikkin yummy! No burn, really smooth and just a great shot!

Fire on the Mountain

1 oz Fireball Whisky

0.5 oz Mountain Dew

Mix together for a shot or pour over ice

– This was our least favorite drink. It just looked like a glass of dark pee and tasted really gross. Perhaps we were too sober to try it?

Hot Flash

3 Parts Fireball Whisky

2 Parts Amaretto

1 Part OJ

Shake over ice and strain into a shot glass

– This was our second to least favorite drink. I think the problem here is we tried to drink it as a cocktail rather than shoot it as a shot. By this point perhaps we weren’t sober enough because we tried to sip the damn thing. I’ll bet if we had just shot it that it would have been awesome!

Overall, I’m a fan of Fireball Whisky. If you can handle some heat I would definitely recommend it. If not, try the Cinnamon Toast recipe. It cools it down and is just fantastic! Two drunken thumbs up!

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