9 Reasons to Use RSS.com for Podcast Hosting

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In this post, I’ll share the nine reasons to use RSS.com for podcast hosting. I’ll also share how you can get started FREE! Full disclosure: This post does contain affiliate links, and I’m a brand ambassador for the company. If you purchase podcast hosting through one of my affiliate links, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks so much for your support!

Why I Use RSS.com for Podcast Hosting

Have you heard of RSS.com? It’s like the cool kid on the block in the podcast hosting space offering the most bang for your hard earned bucks. I talked about them a lot in my podcast hosting guide where I shared the 11 best podcast hosting companies on the market. Three years into my podcast journey, RSS.com continues to be my top pick!

They’re growing crazy fast and have this awesome global community. But here’s the best part: they make podcasting super easy and fun. That’s why I love them so, so, so much! They are hands down the best bargain, and so incredibly so easy to use.

How easy, you ask? With RSS.com, you can launch your own podcast in under five minutes! Just a few clicks and bam, your message is out there for the world to hear. And guess what? It won’t cost you a dime to get started!

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They’re all about empowering podcasters worldwide, making sure everyone gets a shot at sharing their unique voice. It’s their kick-ass mission, and they’re totally rocking it. So, if you’ve ever dreamed of starting a podcast, RSS.com is your go-to partner. Ready to launch your podcast on RSS.com?

Click here to get started, and use code RSSFREEMONTH at check out for a free month of podcast hosting.

Still not convinced? Let’s dive into the nine reasons to use RSS.com!

9 Things RSS.com Offers Podcasters

I’ve already mentioned they are easy and give you the most bang for your buck, but here’s a closer look at what you can expect if you choose RSS.com for your podcast hosting:

1. All-in-one Dashboard

First off, they’ve got this sweet all-in-one dashboard that makes my life so much easier. It’s like a control center where I can manage everything related to my podcast with a few clicks. The interface is not only powerful, but also super user-friendly. It’s a breeze to navigate, and I know you’ll love it too.

From the dashboard you can customize your podcast to make it totally yours! You can create custom cover art, episode art, and even chapter art. How cool is that? Oh, and get this—they make sharing your episodes on social media a piece of cake. But, more on that in a minute.

2. Cross-platform Analytics

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They’ve got this killer feature called cross-platform analytics that will blow your mind. Seriously, it’s a game-changer! With these analytics, you’ll be able to dive deep into understanding your audience and take your show to new heights. No more guessing games or shooting in the dark. Once you start uploading episodes, boom! Instant access to all your juicy metrics. It’s like having your own personal data guru right at your fingertips.

We’re talking overall downloads and trends, episode downloads and trends, even an estimated number of followers. But wait, there’s more! You’ll also know where your listeners are from, the type of devices they’re using, and the applications they use to tune in. It’s like having a crystal ball into the minds of your audience. And guess what? You can even export all these sexy metrics into CSV or Excel format.

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3. They Make It Easy to Make Money Podcasting

  • First off, they make supporting your show super easy with a custom donation or funding page. Your awesome listeners can effortlessly show their love and support by making donations. And that’s not all! 
  • RSS.com has partnered with the Podcorn ads marketplace to help you find the perfect sponsors for host-read ads. Get ready to monetize like a pro! But wait, there’s more awesomeness coming your way. 
  • For those high-traffic shows, they offer Dynamic Ads Insertion technology. It’s like magic, my friend, because it automatically inserts pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll advertisements into your episodes. 
  • Apple Podcasts Subscription Integration: RSS.com lets you offer exclusive content and early access to your fans through Apple Podcasts Subscriptions. It’s the VIP treatment, my friend! 
  • Bitcoin Donations: RSS.com has teamed up with Alby to become the world’s first podcast hosting company that enables Bitcoin donations through the Lightning Network. That’s right, you can receive payments in Bitcoin and create a Bitcoin Lightning wallet, all while keeping track of your balance right from your RSS.com dashboard. It’s Podcasting 2.0 in action! Read my Step By Step Guide to Maximizing Your Podcast Donations!

So, my bloggy friend, if you’re ready to start making money with zero effort, RSS.com is the golden ticket.

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4. Podcasting 2.0 Tags

This might just be the coolest thing to hit podcasting…and RSS.com is on the cutting edge of it. RSS.com podcasts feature Podcasting 2.0 Tags, and it’s a game-changer for discoverability!

You know those moments in your episodes that really grab your listeners’ attention? Well, with RSS.com, you can add chapters and soundbites that make your episodes pop! It’s like adding these exciting bookmarks that keep your audience engaged and wanting more. 

They also provide each episode with an accessibility and discoverability boost with their free episode transcript feature. It’s the real deal. It automatically transcribes your episodes, making them accessible to a wider audience and increasing the chances of discovery. By the way – All plans include free transcripts for all of your episodes! It’s like unlocking a whole new world of listeners for your show.

I’ve played with the free transcripts feature a lot, and you can choose low, medium, or high levels of accuracy. The high level takes the longest, but my friend it is so worth it! It’s more accurate than Otter, Descript, CastMagic and Deciphr! I’ve tried them all, and would choose the FREE RSS.com transcript anyday!

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5. PodViz Integration That Lets You Publish to YouTube

They’ve also unleashed this ahhhhhhmazing technology called PodViz, and it’s awesome! Picture this: transforming your audio podcast episodes into captivating videos with ease.

Yep, RSS.com has integrated this innovation right into their hosting platform, making it a breeze for podcasters like us to convert our episodes and upload them to popular video distribution platforms like YouTube. In fact, if you have an RSS.com podcast hosting plan, you can do this directly from your dashboard too! Connect your YouTube account to the dashboard, push a button and voila! Your podcast episode is turned into a video that is published to your YouTube channel just like that!

But hold on, there’s more to it than just simple audio to video conversion. PodViz also supports those sexy Podcasting 2.0 tags like chapter art, your title, and metadata tags. It’s like adding an extra layer of visual awesomeness to our shows! 

This technology is perfect for podcasters who want to tap into video distribution platforms, expand their listener base, and boost the discoverability of their primarily audio-focused content. Unlike other hosts that charge extra to publish to YouTube, PodViz is available to all podcasters!

Launch your show right now!

6. One-click Social Media and Website Shares

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They’ve made social media sharing a total breeze! Imagine this: with just one click, you can effortlessly share each of your episodes across the most popular social networks including:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn, and
  • Pinterest

You can also grab the embed code to embed an episode player into your favorite content management systems including WordPress, Wix, Blogger.com and more!

It’s like a shortcut to keeping your followers and fans in the loop and super engaged. No more hassle or time-consuming processes. RSS.com has got your back, making sure your episodes reach your audience wherever they hang out online.

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7. Automatic Distribution of Your Show

With RSS.com, you can get your show listed on the most popular podcast directories like Spotify, Amazon Music, Podcast Index, and Samsung Podcasts without lifting a finger.

They also offer guided distribution to get your show on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Deezer. Then, as all of your new episodes come out, they are automatically distributed to the podcast players you’ve added your RSS feed to. Easy peasy!

It’s like having your own personal distribution powerhouse working behind the scenes. You can focus on creating your awesome content, and RSS.com takes care of the rest. They’ll make sure your podcast reaches the widest audience possible, making waves on all the major platforms.

8. Free Podcasting Website

9 Reasons to Use RSS dot com for Podcast Hosting Public Website

Every podcaster that hosts with RSS.com gets their very own free, fully optimized, and customizable website. This website showcases your amazing content, your episodes, and all the cool features that come with it. We’re talking social sharing buttons to spread the word, donation buttons to support your show, and a web audio player to make it easy for your audience to listen in.

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9. Host Unlimited Shows in ONE Place

If you’re thinking of starting another podcast, you can add as many shows as you want under the same account, all for an incredibly low price. It’s like having your own podcast empire, all easily managed from your RSS.com dashboard.

No need to juggle multiple accounts or platforms. With RSS.com’s Podcast Networks plan, you can effortlessly switch between your podcasts with a few clicks. Imagine having everything in one neat and tidy place.

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RSS.com – the #1 Place to Start and Grow a Podcast

Are you starting to see why I chose RSS.com as the place I host my Bloggy Friends Show? I’m also working on launching a few more shows in the very near future, and can’t wait to do it with RSS.com!

To close things out, here are a few more awesome things RSS.com offers:

  • A kickass podcast with many episodes hosted by yours truly and featuring some of the hottest podcasters in the industry! Can you say education on the go? Yep! That’s just one element of what you’ll find on their Podcasting 101 with RSS.com show.
  • A stellar YouTube channel that just keeps getting better. The amazing people they’ve been bringing on board to create videos are truly next level awesome! Veronica and Maribel have been CRUSHING it with the educational vids lately and I can only imagine what’s coming through in the future from them!!!
  • A knowledge base of articles that teach you all the things you about podcasting with RSS.com, and an educational and inspiring blog filled with the latest industry news and ideas every podcaster should know.
  • They’re environmentally friendly with a remote team of rockstars worldwide, and they’re all about supporting Podping on Hive, which is the latest and greatest way to ensure your show reaches podcast apps and directories instantly in the most sustainable way possible. 

With their world class technology and all of these features I’ve shared in this post, I can wholeheartedly say, RSS.com is the number one place online to host your podcast. Click here to get started now! And don’t forget to use code RSSFREEMONTH at check out for a free month of podcast hosting.

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