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What’s up my bloggy friends? I’m so excited to share that last week I was featured on an awesome podcast hosted by my bloggy friends over at CastMagic in an episode titled “Write to Connect: Ashley Grant from RSS & GoDaddy on Engaging Audiences with Content“.

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Blain and Ramon of CastMagic welcomed me onto their show Uploading to dive deep into all things content creation. We kicked things off by chatting about my background, from how I got my start freelance writing back in 2007 to my journey writing for a variety of publications and businesses over the years.

One of the key topics we dug into was what makes a piece of great content. My biggest piece of advice? Write for your audience, not yourself. Think about what value you’re providing them and craft your content around answering their questions and meeting their needs.

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We also talked about the importance of infusing your own unique voice and story into your content, even when writing for a business. People connect with authentic stories, so don’t be afraid to get personal and share yours over and over. New audience members may not have heard it before.

Another hot topic was how to balance writing for SEO with writing content that truly engages readers. My take is that you need a blend of both – include the keywords and information people are searching for, but focus on showcasing expertise and fostering a real connection too.

Of course, we had to discuss how AI is transforming the content landscape. Using AI tools like CastMagic to repurpose your own unique content enables you to efficiently create a variety of content pieces that are authentic to your voice, as opposed to just using AI to generate generic, random content.

I had a blast nerding out about all things content with Blaine and Ramon. Be sure to check out the full episode below and subscribe to Uploading for more great conversations! And as always, keep writing to connect with your people.

Check out the full episode here:

Time stamps of the key takeaways from this episode

00:00 My accidental business card success story.
03:09 I started with a local restaurant story, and then pursued writing for various publications and websites, including famousashleygrant.com, RSS.com, Godaddy, and about.com.
07:50 Summaries at the beginning of articles drive attention. Bloggers are removing fluff to provide concise answers.
10:22 Emphasizes storytelling, audience connection for content.
13:20 Personal branding is about sharing your unique story to create a genuine connection with your audience.
19:45 Leverage CastMagic for content repurposing to save time and reach wider audience.
22:51 Google update targets spam content, domain penalties, unique AI-powered content creation.
24:38 Written and existing media need authenticity and can be used collaboratively for distilling thoughts.

What IS CastMagic?

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Until next time, may your page views be high, and your bounce rate be low.

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