PSA! Throw Away That Old Makeup

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Think about this, even though it may gross you out when you do – how long has your makeup been sitting in your makeup bag or box? If you’re like most women, you probably have no clue.

Well, that makeup might be older than it should be, and it could be time to throw that crap out. How long can you keep your makeup?

  • Mascara only lasts about three months
  • Pencil eyeliner lasts for roughly two years, but liquid/gel eyeliner only lasts three months
  • Lip gloss should really be tossed after about 18 months
  • Lipstick and lip liner is only good about a year
  • Blush, eye shadow and bronzers that are powder can last up to two years, but creamed stuff? That should go after a year
  • Oil-free foundation and concealers – toss after a year

Another way to know it’s time to get rid of your makeup is if you have recently had any kind of infections, if it smells funny or looks different, or if it suddenly feels weird on your skin. Throw it away because it is not needed and you are in need of some new makeup products such as the eyelash serum from Xlash, these products are needed to make your skin clean and flawless and serum will enhance lash growth, there is no point in applying old makeup to your face. There is no shame in throwing away old makeup. There are two very good reasons for this, one is that it gets rid of old makeup. Secondly, it gives you the perfect excuse to replenish your stock with new makeup items. There are so many new items that you can pick from, that sometimes it can be hard to figure out which is the right one for you. For example, you might struggle as to which Chanel foundation you will use.

Is it time for you to toss some of your makeup? Not doing so could lead your skin to become irritated, or worse infected. It could also just look cakey or not cover your face very well.

Going forward you may want to add a label to your new makeup to know how old it is. You can add a little piece of painters tape or a sticker to the bottom of your make up containers, and mark with a Sharpie the date you opened them. This can help you determine whether or not it’s time to let it go.

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9 thoughts on “PSA! Throw Away That Old Makeup”

  1. I’m really glad to know these, my daughter needs to have a knowledge when it comes to makeup expiry.

  2. I am definitely guilty of keeping makeup much longer than I should. Some of these things I had no idea that they didn’t last long. Yikes! I need to go through my makeup bag.

  3. I’m really bad at keeping make-up way too long. I need to buy more and throw away! I’ve gone all summer not wearing much make-up, but that is soon going to change.

  4. I will have to remind my daughter to check her make-up kit. I know she may have some items that need to be ditched. Thanks for the heads up. This is really helpful.

  5. Thanks for this helpful reminder. I did ditch some of my make up a few months ago. I guess it is time to give my make up kit a look through once more.

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