My First Time – Brunch at Birchwood

(Last Updated On: October 12, 2015)


Today I got to have brunch at The Birchwood! I’ve been wanting to check out the hotel, but had not yet had the chance to. Luckily, today I had an event to go to at the hotel and got to finally try some of their food. The options were limited because it was an event, but I settled on the Eggs Benedict. I’m not much for champagne, but since the mimosas were free flowing I figured, hey! When in Rome, right? Oh, and I got to sample the monkey bread. I confess it was much sweeter than the monkey bread I make at home. Still, it was tasty enough to enjoy a couple of bites. (p.s. normally the bread is served with the nuts on it, but a member of the group I was with had a nut allergy so the restaurant served them in a bowl on the side. And, the big bowl of white cream you see in the image below is yogurt. I didn’t try that because I wasn’t in the mood, but several people said it was pretty good with the fruit platter.)


The Eggs Benedict was good, but not great. I must say the bread in the dish was quite rough. It was almost stale and then toasted making it extra rock like. Or so it seemed. Over all though the meal was pretty decent. I would like to try something else the next time I visit and I hope that when I do visit again I get to stay long enough to walk around and see the various parts of the hotel. Today it was pretty rainy and I rode with people so sadly, walking around wasn’t possible.  Next time!

Here are a few other images from the brunch event…drooling yet?

Birchwood Collage