29 Until Further Notice – A Reflective Post

Today, I’m reflecting on the last 29 years of my life and realizing how much I still have that I want to accomplish. For the purposes of this post though…I had a list of things I wanted to do before turning 30 so it would seem that as of today (8/10/13) I have just 368 days to accomplish all the things on that list.

Here is the list of things I wanted to accomplish by 30 (the things I’ve already accomplished are in red)…

1. Graduate college with my bachelor’s degree- graduated May 2008
2. Find a man to marry and marry him– married 7/29/2006
3. Buy a house
4. Be credit card and student loan debt free
5. Get a job I love/ start my own business- been in business as a writer and photographer since October 2007 and have loved what I do for a living ever since!
6. Have a substantial amount of money in a retirement account
7. Go to Europe
8. Go to Australia
9. Get a dog/cat/both
10. Drive cross country from Florida to California and back
11. Go to Hawaii
12. Get my master’s degree
13. Write a book- accomplished that THIS year actually. Wrote my first eBook and self published it…Check it out HERE 🙂
14. Make 6 figures a year to be able to retire by 40 instead of 68 or whatever the new number is for my generation…
15. Have a baby- yes mom…when I first created this list in my head I
wanted to have a baby by 30…but now I’m not sure when or if I will
have kids…

So….what have we learned from this list? If I’m going to get all of these goals accomplished by 30 I’ve got to get a crap ton of money in the bank ASAP and get on with my traveling like NOW…

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