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Little Greek

Thanks to being a part of the Tampa Bay Bloggers and the awesomeness of the management at the all new Little Greek on Gulf to Bay Blvd. in Clearwater I had the pleasure of stuffing my face with dinner on Wednesday, October 14, 2015! Although they did provide me with loads of free foods to sample and compensated me with a $25 gift card this did not impact my review. All opinions are my own. For my full disclosure policy, please click HERE. Now, onto the review!


First, we were presented with the yummy array of appetizers pictured above including spinach pie, falafel and pita bread with hummus and tzatziki sauce. My absolute favorite app was the spinach pie. I swear I think I could have eaten an entire plate of that deliciousness without even breaking a sweat. It was soooooo good!

Next up, we were offered a small sampling of the homemade chicken-lemon rice soup. A few people at our table loved it and one even ordered it as her meal, but personally since I’m not a fan of lemon I didn’t enjoy it. This is nothing against the restaurant, I just don’t care for lemon in any foods for some reason. Which is weird since I love it in mixed drinks and tea, but I digress. While folks were continuing to sip on the soup I slipped another bite of that yummy spinach pie.


Then, it was time for the main course. Each of us were given the chance to order a full meal from the list of dinners, salads, light meals or Pitas & Wraps. I went with the Steak Skewers dinner pictured above which features three char-grilled skewers over rice with a HUGE Greek Salad and pita bread. This meal was so big that I ate the salad while I was there and a few bites of the rice and steak and then had a full meal of steak and rice with pita on the side for lunch the next day. It all tasted so good and I have to say their Greek dressing is by far the best Greek dressing I’ve ever had.

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My husband who got to come with me had the ginormous platter you see pictured above. This is the gyro pita with fresh-cut fries. He told me the tzatziki sauce on it was by far the best he’d had on a gyro and that the meat was super moist and tender. After all the appetizers we had he only got a few bites in before he forfeited leaving him with a dang tasty lunch for the next day too. Oh, and by the way- we learned the best way to reheat fries is to throw them in the oven instead of the microwave. Read how you can do it here. By using the oven instead of the microwave they tasted just as delicious the next day as they did when freshly cooked.

We were given some desserts to try too, but not only was I too full to try any of them, I did a complete blogger fail and forgot to snap a picture of them. I’m sure though, considering how awesome all the foods we did consume were, that the desserts were wonderful. I would definitely recommend the Little Greek for lunch or for dinner. They have locations all over the Tampa Bay area too so you have no excuse to not try them out! In fact, I just recently learned that there is a Little Greek just 15 minutes from my door so next time I’m craving a Gyro or some spinach pie, I know where I’ll be going!

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