Christmas Gifts From The Heart

It’s that time of year when most of us are racking our brains trying to think of ideas for Christmas presents. It’s just too easy to buy something quick and be done with it, but it will be remembered as just that. Truly memorable gifts that last for months or years are ones that come from the heart. And, for those people who truly matter in your life, isn’t that what you want, to be thought of fondly and to bring a smile to their face?

Here are several examples of heartfelt gifts:

For the elderly: The elderly would rather receive something that they could use, a handmade afghan or warm blanket, or perhaps some warm bedclothes, robe, or socks. Of course, a photo album with updated pictures of the family is always welcomed.

For women:

They always say that “a diamond is a woman’s best friend”. Jewelry is always a good bet with women. Forget the iron or skillet, the ramifications won’t be pretty. Think about the interests or hobbies that the individual is involved with. Is this perhaps a single parent? The gift of time may be just what she would treasure if she can take some time for herself away from her children or obligations.

For men:

When asked what they remembered and treasured most about previous Christmas gifts, it was the gifts such as their first gun as a youth, or a bicycle that they rode for years. What connection is there between you and the man to be gifted that is unique to only the two of you. Siblings can recreate a favorable memorable time from their childhood with memorabilia, or find objects that remind them of family traditions.

For children:

The list to Santa will most likely be the latest plastic toys from China. Some of those have value in relating to their friends. It’s also time to begin to build childhood memories that last a lifetime. A handmade baby blanket or quilt with their name embroidered on it, or perhaps a personalized picture book with the child as the main character will be forever cherished. Older children remember bicycles, trains, and musical instruments as well.

For teenagers:

Technological gifts usually head their Christmas list with the ultimate gift of independence with their first car. That may be too steep for most budgets; instead, give the gift of teaching them how to drive safely and responsibly. Of course, only if you have the ability to do so in a calm manner!

Christmas time is all about feeling. Finding the right gift that lasts for a long time in the hearts of others is about your connection to them.