More Than Photographs

For several years, I was a photographer. Though those days are all but behind me, I still like to dabble in creative content.

While studying for my degree, I interned at Style Magazine. This was where I started learning about photography. In fact, many of my images were used in the magazine. After that first photo assignment for Style I was hooked. I started doing lots of journalistic photography as well as weddings, parties, charity events, portraits and more.

These days, I really only take pictures on my smart phone…I’ll update this page soon with my recommended photographers if you landed here looking for photography services.

Summer Outdoor Activities To Entertain The Kids

When it comes to entertaining the kids during the summer, outdoors is by far the best option. There is so much available. You do not have to spend a fortune to entertain them. Simple walks can be entertaining if you turn them into discovery games. Visiting your local Zoos, Farms, and Leisure centers can be a bit more expensive, but sometimes it is worth putting a little money aside for a few trips.

The first thing that children love is a picnic. No matter where you live, there is bound to be a nice place to hold a picnic. If you live by the coast and there is a nice piece of green on top of the cliffs, it could be a great place to picnic and let off steam. If you live further into the country, there is sure to be a nice woodland or farm area. If not, there must be a park in your local area.

When on a picnic the children can get involved in making the sandwiches etc. and when you get there, they will enjoy playing a simple eye spy game while eating. After eating they can fly a kite or play ball games. Before you know it, you have spent a good few hours outside playing and not even had to spend a penny. Accept for the picnic, but that does not have to be anything expensive or even different from your normal lunch.

If you live near to the beach, then it should come as no surprise that spending an afternoon making sandcastles, or paddling in the sea, can make for great fun.

Bike riding is something that most families enjoy. You do not have to go far a little ride with lots to see is great fun and can also be educational. You can time how long it takes you, make a note of how many birds you see, cars, people, boats or whatever there is around you and then the outside fun continues when you get home, and they can write about what they saw.

You will also find plenty of local fayres and garden shows during the summer months. You can make these exciting by giving the children things to find like a discovery game while you are exploring.

Of course, almost everywhere you can find a park. Not only are there climbing frames, but pitches to play ball games and courts to play tennis. You can play games of tag and hide and seek or take a bat and ball and play cricket as a family game.

The list is endless when you are in the park. You could even have an art afternoon. Drawing what is around you, taking rubbings, sticking, and even painting. Just use a little imagination.

Summer Educational Activities For Kids

Looking for ideas for educational and fun things to do with your kids this summer? Here are some suggestions for spending time together. Spending time with your children is important. Try one of these leisurely pursuits that you and your kids will find not only fun but enriching.

Star Gazing

What better way to spend an evening than looking at the stars. It is also an opportunity to educate your children on stars, planets, constellations and galaxies. Plus, you can watch solar and lunar eclipses when they occur. Get a schedule of when the next eclipse will be. The only thing you don’t want to look at through a telescope is the sun, as that is dangerous and can harm your vision.

Super Size Jigsaw Puzzle

Purchase an intricate puzzle, at least 1,000 pieces. This is a great family activity as it will spread over many nights and when you are finished the whole family will feel a sense of accomplishment. Puzzles are also great for encouraging concentration and logic skills in your children. has a variety of 1,000 piece puzzles including those of famous artwork by DaVinci and Renoir as well as maps of the United States and historical events like the Civil War.

Cook with the Kids

Most people never learn how to cook, even the basics. If you start when children are young, not only will they learn a valuable skill but it could be a career option as well. You can begin with meals that do not involve the stove or knives such as making a sandwich or toast and then move onto simple things like scrambled eggs, salad, and pancakes.


Give the kids a disposable camera or an inexpensive digital one and encourage them to take their own pictures. Take them to a local park or forest so they can photograph nature, or have them be the photographer at a family event. Do the same thing with a video recorder. Encourage the kids to film a day in their life.

Teach Kids Chess

Chess is a great game that many believe even a two-year old can learn. It teaches math and logic skills as well as pattern recognition. Because it is a slow moving game, it gives parents and children a chance to interact as well.

Create a Family Scrapbook

Scrap booking is a huge craze. It is great for children to have memories from their childhood that they can keep to show their kids. Create a scrap book to encapsulate a year, an event, a birthday party, or even a family trip. By letting children participate in the creation as opposed to just making one yourself, you share a secondary experience that they will remember.

Take Educational Nature Walks

There is a lot you can do on a walk in the forest. Bring a pair of binoculars and help kids identify birds (alternatively consider putting a birdhouse outside a child’s bedroom so they can do the same thing at home). Consult an online bird manual as a reference. Also in the forest, use a magnifying glass to see bugs up close, or show kids how to use a compass to understand the direction in which they are walking.

There are so many entertaining, educational things to do with kids that makes spending time together even more valuable. Hopefully these fun family ideas will be something your kids enjoy.

Manifestation Babe 21 Day Money Challenge – Day 10 and 11

Such is life, eh? I got distracted for a few days with crazy stuffs going on around me, so I’ll do two days today, and then go from there as I try to catch back up on the 21 days.

Anywho… so day 10 is about shutting up your mind by way of journaling and meditation. Then, day 11 is about seeing it before you see it. Say what?!? Yeah – I know. Sounds crazy, but it’s about seeing it in your mind, before it shows up in your life. Got it? Good!

Grab the book and follow along with me, it’s called Unleash Your Inner Money Babe: Uplevel Your Money Mindset and Manifest $1,000 in 21 Days

Day 10 Discoveries

I love the day 10 exercise because Kahtrin wanted us to meditate, but check in with ourselves before and after we do it too. I had long avoided the idea of meditation because I thought it was silly, and I could never focus enough to actually do it. Then, I found guided meditations…let me tell you -HUGE GAME CHANGER!!!

I REALLY enjoy guided meditations. I use a combination of apps, Youtube, various websites, etc… to find guided meditations that work for me. One app I’m obsessed with is Insight Timer.

It’s free for Android and iOS phones, and has loads of various meditations for everything from helping you get more restful sleep to manifesting more money, and creating more confidence to forgiveness exercises.

If you struggle with keeping focused while meditating, I highly recommend trying guided meditations.

As for journaling – I don’t do that nearly as often as I wish I did. I get very distracted with it, and it end up being more of a word vomit page than anything focused.

Still, even doing the word vomit helps me a lot because it gets everything out of my head and onto the page so that I can focus on the things I really need to do that day!

I do enjoy focused journaling too though where you are given a specific topic and you journal on that.

I often look on Pinterest for journal prompts when I want to go beyond the word vomit. haha!

Day 11 Discoveries

Day 11 was all about visualization. I struggle with this a lot. I think it’s in large part due to the same things that cause me trouble with meditation and journaling- and that is lack of focus. My distraction gene is strong! SQUIRREL!

So, even for visualization, I have to have something to focus on. What I do for that is again go to Pinterest. I have boards set up for my dreams and I look at them and study them and focus on them, in order to get the visions in my brain. Whatever works, right?

Welp, that’s all for days 10 and 11 – tomorrow I’ll try and do days 12 and 13, then the next day I’ll do days 14 and 15 to be all caught up. Whether or not I actually do it – I guess that part is still to be determined. haha!

Manifestation Babe 21 Day Money Challenge – Day 9

Day 9 is about affirmations. The one that Kathrin uses is “Money is all around me. I find money everywhere. It flows effortless into my life on a daily basis.” Them she gave us  more than 20 additional affirmations we can use to feel more abundant. Our money babe action of the day was to choose 3 of the ones she gave us to commit to and affirm our money truth with.

Grab the book and follow along with me, it’s called Unleash Your Inner Money Babe: Uplevel Your Money Mindset and Manifest $1,000 in 21 Days

Day Nine Discoveries

Rather than tell you the ones I’m committing to from her list, I’m sharing the affirmations I repeat to myself as often as I feel I need them.

  • I have a wildly popular podcast, Youtube Channel and blog!
  • My courses and books are bestselling digital products jam packed with value that is helpful to those who consume them
  • I can afford to give money to worthy causes every month!
  • Every month I can spend time learning, and I can afford to pay for the classes and conferences I want to go to.
  • I make 6 figures or more PROFIT easily, and quickly every year
  • I am making more money every day!
  • I am a money magnet
  • Money comes to me quickly and easily
  • Everything is going to be alright
  • More money is heading to me even as I speak
  • $10,000 a month in PROFIT or more is my norm
  • I’m comfortable with large amounts of money
  • I deserve wealth and abundance
  • I have plenty of time to do my work
  • I am creatively making money with my knowledge and experience
  • I am financially FREE!!!
  • I am strong
  • I am innovative
  • People need my services and my ideas
  • Clients come to me ready, willing, and able to pay
  • My bank accounts are growing rapidly
  • My income increases daily
  • I can afford everything and anything I want
  • I serve, so I deserve

I hope these affirmations inspire you to come up with some of your own.

And, I read the coolest idea for boosting your manifesting game. It said to record your affirmations on your phone from a place of “I am” and having the things you want in the present tense. Supposedly hearing your affirmations repeated to yourself in your own voice frequently, makes your mind more willing to believe it.

Manifestation Babe 21 Day Money Challenge – Day 8

Day 8 is a treasure hunt. The idea behind the treasure hunt is that what you look for expands. So, for the first part of the day’s exercise, you’re supposed to look for money all around you. The goal is to see just how abundant the Universe is. Then, the second part is a brainstorming exercise.

Grab the book and follow along with me, it’s called Unleash Your Inner Money Babe: Uplevel Your Money Mindset and Manifest $1,000 in 21 Days

Day Eight Discoveries

I’ve done the treasure hunt exercise many times, and always to pretty positive results. I know this world is filled with money, and abundance that goes beyond money. I am so grateful and thankful now that money surrounds me, money is everywhere, and money effortlessly flows into my life all day, every day.

My heart’s deep desire is to earn $10,000 profit every single month or more, consistently. And, I believe that it’s possible for that to be my reality, even though I don’t know how right now. I have decided that this amount of money will be my new normal.

How can I earn more money? Kathrin wants us to brainstorm a list of just 10 ways today. When I’ve done this exercise in the past the challenge was to get 50 ways on the page. I always stumble around item 30. It feels difficult sometimes to come up with a bunch of ways to make money. BUT! I LOVE how expansive I feel when I complete this exercise. It feels so secure to know that there are so many ways to make money, even with things like online gambling on slot online. Not only can you earn money, but it’s a fun way to do it!

Therefore, here are my 10 ideas to create more money in my life today:

  1. I could sell the rest of my jewelry
  2. Package all the content I’ve ever created and sell it as PLR for niche sites and business owners to use as their own content
  3. Package all the content I have created or acquired under miscellaneous subjects and release short eBooks for sale
  4. Sign new ghostwriting clients to create content for them
  5. Sell more copies of my course on how to start a ghostwriting business
  6. Ask my current clients for an increased per word rate
  7. Start an Etsy type store and sell my crafts online
  8. Start offering photography sessions again
  9. Create packages for my ghostwriting clients that includes more than just the ghostwritten blog posts to increase the amount I earn with each transaction – add social media, image curation, and scheduling their blog posts.
  10. Sell my car and start bicycling everywhere, and ubering when I need to go a further distance. Not a good idea in the long run, and I wouldn’t actually do this – but would certainly yield instant income.


Manifestation Babe 21 Day Money Challenge – Day 7

Day 7 is all about detoxing from the negativity in your life. Oooh this is a good one, because it’s something I struggle with BIG TIME

Grab the book and follow along with me, it’s called Unleash Your Inner Money Babe: Uplevel Your Money Mindset and Manifest $1,000 in 21 Days

Day Seven Discoveries

Kathrin encourages us to take time off from the negativity in our lives that isn’t serving us. So, I unfollowed pages that bring me down, and I unfriended and/or unfollowed people that constantly post sad or maddening things.

I already have been on a negativity detox honestly. I’ve not watched the news in a couple of years now. In fact, when people bring up stories that are trending in the media, I’m typically lost because I have no idea what is going on in the world.

On one hand, I worry sometimes that I’m becoming too ignorant. On the other, I’m happier avoiding all the sadness. I’m becoming quite protective of my heart and emotions.

Crazy thing though – the more I cut out negativity, the more it hurts when I come upon it. My husband says I look for the negative too much, and the truth is I expect bad things far too often. But, I’m working on it because I don’t want that to be my reality any more.

I want positivity, joy, happiness, and calm. And that’s okay. So, I’ll keep living in as much bliss as possible, and try to avoid my old ways of seeking out negativity. Gimme all the positive vibes please. They are so much more pleasurable after all.

What negative things are in your life that you can control, and cut out? It sure is interesting to ponder this and then start removing the darkness from your life. It’s actually becoming a new addiction for me. And, I love it!

Manifestation Babe 21 Day Money Challenge – Day 6

Day 6 is about letting go of the how… it’s not your job to figure out how the money you desire will come into your life

Grab the book and follow along with me, it’s called Unleash Your Inner Money Babe: Uplevel Your Money Mindset and Manifest $1,000 in 21 Days

Day Six Discoveries

For day 6, the challenge was to completely detach yourself from the how you will call in your desires…

Too often we get so hung up in “how will I acquire my dream income?” And that causes us to never get the money at all.

Would you ever doubt whether or not your order at a restaurant was coming to you? No. As such you should expect the Universe has taken your order of achieving an extra $1,000, and is working on moving all things through time and space to make that money come to you quickly and easily.

The idea of letting go of the how, is that money you desire can come from completely unexpected way. You might never anticipate the random way that an additional $1,000 can come into your life.

Kathrin’s way of detaching yourself from the how? Finding something fun to do. She suggested thinking about 5 things that make you happy when you spend time doing them, and then doing the 1 thing that sticks out the most to you.

Given the fact that most of the things on my list are things I currently can not do for one reason or another – I chose playing with my dogs, watching a movie, and eating a seriously delicious meal.

Now – I know this was 3 things, but sooooooooooo many things are enjoyable to me. And, this just felt like the perfect set of activities to distract me from what I want so I could focus completely on having fun.

Nothing wrong with that…right?!?

Manifestation Babe 21 Day Money Challenge – Day 4 and 5

Day 4 and 5 – I’m combining two days and I’m even behind a couple of days because of some crazy that occurred in my life.

Grab the book and follow along with me, it’s called Unleash Your Inner Money Babe: Uplevel Your Money Mindset and Manifest $1,000 in 21 Days

Day Four Discoveries

Day four is all about one of the most critical elements in the Law of Attraction – gratitude. Kathrin was brilliant in her explanation of why we must show that we’re thankful for our current gifts. She compared it with the analogy of receiving a present that you didn’t show gratitude for, and made the point that when a gift giver notices this, they are less likely to want to send you more gifts. Made perfect sense to me and I LOVED it!

So…today’s challenge was to write a list of 25 things we’re thankful for…

My gratitude list

“Gratitude is the holy grail of the high vibration energy that you can put out into the Universe” – Kathrin Zenkina

  1. I woke up today! Not everyone did, but today I was given another day of life. Another chance for my dreams to come true. Another day to make smarter choices! Thank you!!!
  2. I have a husband who loves me. That in and of itself means someone loves and cares for me, and is always on my side no matter what.
  3. My dogs- they fill me with such an immense amount of joy!!!
  4. The meal I’m eating right now. I’m thankful I had the money to buy it. I’m grateful it tastes good, and that someone else prepared it for me.
  5. My eyesight. My lasik eye surgery is still going strong and allows me to see without glasses or contacts. LOVE!
  6. My ability to walk.
  7. I’m thankful for the ability to write this gratitude list.
  8. I can hear the conversations around me, and the music that’s playing.
  9. I’m grateful for my phone, and my computer, and of course – the internet which affords me so many wonderful things.
  10. I’m glad I have clean clothes to wear, lots of choices for outfits and a way to wash and dry my clothes at home.
  11. I’m so thankful to have clean air to breathe.
  12. I’m thankful for my jewelry – especially the sentimental pieces.
  13. I’m so thankful for indoor plumbing. I’m remembering several moments when I was in Thailand and had to pay to pee and wash my hands. Oy! Crazy experience!
  14. I’m thankful for free drink refills and kids meals.
  15. I’m thankful my husband waits on me as I rest when things go wrong
  16. I’m grateful for free will – I know this one might sound strange, but I know in some countries the idea of not doing what you want to do is normal. That would be a prison for me, and I’m grateful for the freedom to make my own choices
  17. Amazon and Netflix – how awesome is it that we can be entertained so easily?!?
  18. I’m thankful to have a job that requires no pants, and no commute!
  19. So glad I’m creative!!!
  20. Excited to be going to Italy in 2019!
  21. I’m thankful for arts and crafts supplies.
  22. Incredibly grateful for doctors and therapists.
  23. Grateful for the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay for getting me through tough times!
  24. I’m grateful to live in the United States with central heating and air!
  25. I’m also thankful for all of my friends and family.

Day Five Discoveries

Day five is all about the fact that money needs a purpose. Kathrin challenged us to really think about what we would do with the money if we could manifest an extra $1,000 this month. I journaled about this, and took it further intending my purpose for what I would do with the $100,000 that I will manifest by December 31, 2019.

I’m not 100% ready to make those intentions public, but writing it all out was certainly inspiring for me. It made me so excited thinking about how I will use the money that I WILL manifest! I am loving this work, and I’m getting pretty addicted to this stuff I once considered a little Woo Woo. I’m embracing my inner woo-woo wholeheartedly and LOVING it!

Until tomorrow…may your hearts be full and your inner most desires be met!

Manifestation Babe 21 Day Money Challenge – Day 3

Day 3 is all about the feels! I was supposed to have this done by this morning, but a luncheon thwarted my plans. Perhaps it was silly to think I could commit to every day at breakfast, but at least I’m still actually doing the days, right?

So, I’ll continue my commitment to doing one of these posts every day, regardless of the time I’m able to get it done.

And again, I’m thinking really hard about making all of my challenges public. It feels so exciting putting all of my hopes and dreams out to the Universe in this manner. It’s like I’m shouting from the virtual rooftops what I want, and that I expect the Universe to deliver! WOOT!

Grab the book and follow along with me, it’s called Unleash Your Inner Money Babe: Uplevel Your Money Mindset and Manifest $1,000 in 21 Days

Day Three Discoveries

For day 3, the challenge was to list the feelings that I would have if I had an extra $1,000 right now. The idea is to get in tune with the feels related to having what you want now, not the feelings you would have if it’s on its way. If money is just energy, you have to get into the energetic feeling of already having it now so that it can more easily flow to you.

For me, if I had an extra  $1,000 right now I’d be calmer and relieved.  I’d feel a little more free, and a little more happy. And, I’d feel excited about what I’m going to do with the money.

You’re supposed to then repeat these feelings to get energetically aligned so the Universe can give you the money! To get into these happy feelings I’m going to visualize the money in my bank account and just feel calm, relieved, happy, free and excited.

Money Prayers

Along with this 21 day challenge, I’m also reading Catherine Ponder’s The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. And, in her book she has these awesome money prayers that have been helping me feel more prosperous. Below are a few I’d like to share with you if you too want to feel a little more prosperous right now.

  • There is gold dust in the air – for me. Through definite, deliberate prosperous thinking, I now begin assimilating that gold dust. And even now I am beginning to experience gold dust results.
  • Divine Love expressing through me now draws to me all that is needed to make me happy and my life complete. (Yes, I know this one may be more about love than money, but when I feel loved, I make more money. Maybe it’s because it boosts my confidence and helps me feel less afraid to pitch potential clients – whatever it is – I’ll take all the love feels)
  • I release, loose, let go and let God.
  • I am the rich child of a loving Father. All that the Father has is mine to share and to experience. Diving Intelligence is now showing me how to claim my own God-given wealth, health and happiness. Divine Intelligence is even now opening the way for my immediate blessings. I have faith that all that is mine by divine right now comes to me in rich abundance. My rich blessings do not interfere with anyone else’s good, since God’s rich substance is unlimited and everywhere for all to use. There is no delay! That which is not for my highest good now fades from me and I no longer desire it. My God-given desires are richly fulfilled now in God’s own wonderful way.
  • Declare: I give thanks for the immediate, complete, divine fulfillment of these desires. This or something better comes forth with perfect timing, according to God’s rich good for me.
  • I am now activated by Divine Intelligence, motivated by Divine Love and guided by Divine Power into my right work, which I perform in a perfect way for perfect pay. The divine plan of my life now takes shape in definite concrete experiences, leading to perfect health, happiness, success and prosperity.

Aren’t those just awesome?!? I’m loving getting into my inner woo-woo spiritual side. Some how, some way, this WILL be the year that everything changes for me. My deepest desires are becoming realities, even as I type this now. SOOOOOOOO excited, and feeling so good! Until tomorrow…may your hearts be full and your inner most desires be met!