A Guide To Family Fun In Niagara Falls Canada

Are you looking for a fun, family-oriented vacation that will offer something for everyone? If so, pack your bags, and head to Niagara Falls, Canada.

If you don’t mind heights, there are two fabulous ways to see the Falls. You can see a breathtaking view from 175 feet in the air on the Niagara Skywheel, a Ferris wheel that has climate-controlled gondolas for visitors to ride in. From the sky wheel, you will have a fabulous view of the falls, either day or night. It seemed that they were more beautiful at night when the falls were lit up with all of the colorful lights.

Another way to see the falls would be to take the Niagara Helicopters Limited tour. On this tour, you will fly over the falls and have a really fantastic view of the falls no matter what season it is. Also, it doesn’t matter what time of the day that you take the tour as the falls are always beautiful and the view from the sky is amazing.

There are the Niagara boat tours that take you under the falls. Of course, you will get very wet, and it may be cold if the temperature is not extremely warm. This tour gives you an up-close, personal glimpse into the majestic falls and the amazing power of the water. You will need to have a jacket with a hood or a poncho for this tour.

Of course, there are the many breathtaking views that you can see from almost anywhere in Niagara Falls and the overlooks that you can walk to. If you just take a walk along the sidewalk that is in front of the falls, you can just tell how beautiful nature is and the power that is behind the force of the water that comes over the falls. Be sure that you see the falls at night when there are colored lights on it as it completely astonishes you as to the beauty that is Niagara Falls.

For family fun, there are many shops, museums, and family fun centers located within walking distance of most of the hotels. If your children enjoy water parks, you can enjoy an indoor water park that is located atop a hotel near the falls.

Wax museums abound throughout the area and are well worth the money that it will cost to visit them. Wax figures of rock stars, Elvis Presley, Elvira, many celebrities, movie stars in scenes from some of their most famous movies, and even a famous acrobat that is walking a tight rope over the actual street that the museum is sitting on, along with sports figures as well.

For the kids, there are many activities to keep them busy. The family fun centers are arcades with plenty of games; one of the best is the Great Canadian Midway, which offers over 250 games and rides. The biggest thrill is Ghostblasters, which is an interactive dark ride through a haunted house where you get to blast ghosts with laser-style guns.

If putt-putt golf is your speed, visit Dinosaur Park, an 18 hole golf course in a dinosaur-themed environment. This is great for the boys in the family. There are several other putt-putt courses in the area so that if the children aren’t into dinosaurs, they will still have a place to play.

For the small kids, there is Brick City, which is a land full of Legos. They will have a chance to see all of the fun things that can be built out of Legos, such as trains, towers, boats, people, etc. In the City, the children will also have an opportunity to explore and build on their own. Let their imaginations run wild and see what inventions that they will be able to build.

Families could also visit the Fun House. This is the place where the family can roll, tumble, climb, and crawl together. Play with giant balls, walk across a rope bridge, try to get through the rolling tunnel, and you are sure to laugh all the way to the end. Don’t miss out on visiting the Rain Forest Cafe’. Even if you aren’t interested in eating there, be sure to at least walk near it so that you can see the front of the cafe and their gift shop. It is a site where the kids will be able to really see what a rainforest is like.

These are just a few of the many fun and exciting thrills that await you in Niagara Falls. Shopping, food, and fun make Niagara Falls, Canada, the trip of a lifetime.