2016 – My Year in Review

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I love, love, love me some Marie Forleo ya’ll. And, today, while watching a video of hers, I got inspired to do this 2016 year in review post. She created a simple process to review your own year with just 3 questions. Since that doesn’t seem so scary, I thought I would answer the questions for myself! So, here we go…

What did I do, create, or experience this year that I’m really proud of? I have to say I’ve actually created a lot that I’m proud of this year!

  • I wrote some really great content for the Godaddy Garage. The article I’m most proud of writing for them this year was the one that gave me the amazing opportunity to interview Chalene Johnson!!! Check it out HERE!
  • I finished a ghostwritten book for a client that was more fulfilling than my college degree
  • I FINALLY finished the backbone of my writer-for-hire website
  • I raised my new client prices
  • I wrote a LOT of blog posts for clients that I’m really proud of!!! Omg, some of the work I did was just frikkin AHHHHHMAZING!!!
  • I went on a cross-country road trip (something I’ve wanted to do since I first got my license!!)
  • I went to THREE blogging conferences. Cool in and of itself!!!
  • I self-published another eBook under my own name along with writing a lot more other blog posts under my own name
  • I was active with a women’s networking group. Being a member of Charity Chics has been amazing for me!!!
  • I started working on the content for the course I’ve been talking about creating for nearly two years! Recent, but still counts for this year!!! LOL
  • I started taking better care of myself
  • I asked for help a LOT more this year

What mistakes did I make that taught me something? What lessons did I learn that I can leverage?

  • I didn’t put myself out there enough!!! I should have been pitching myself more than I did to get more writing work.
  • I didn’t write enough under my own name. I could have and should have!!! I plan to do a lot more podcast interviews, guest posts and self promotion going forward. Fear is what held me back from putting myself out there, but that is why I’m creating a word of the year for 2017. That word is EXPERIMENT! From now on, everything I do will be an experiment. More on that in another post though.
  • I didn’t speak up enough when I was unhappy with something, or I spoke up from an emotional place. Breathing and then being rational is way more helpful!
  • I should have been taking better care of myself before this year. My medical woes are all self-induced, but I am getting healthier every single day now!
  • I stayed in friendships that weren’t serving me for far too long, and the ones I did let go of I mourned way too much. When people are hurting you for their own benefit, you’re only hurting yourself if you stick around.
  • I also learned that November and December are slim months for my clients, and I should have budgeted myself better to prepare for the lean income!
  • Finally, I should have been building my email lists sooner, and affiliate marketing more!

What am I willing to let go of?

  • WEDDINGS!!! I decided earlier this year that I don’t want to photograph weddings anymore. This is true now, more than ever. I am NOT a fan of shooting weddings. The pressure, the nerves, the tears, the fears – nope, not for me anymore. I’m now shopping for wedding photographers I like that I don’t feel are too expensive so I will have someone or a few people to refer clients to because I just don’t ever want to photograph another wedding again!
  • Clients that want too many freebies, or aren’t willing to pay my requested rates. I have been really bad about letting some people walk all over me in the past. I got much better about this in 2016, but I do still have room for growth. I’ve decided that in 2017 I will be much stronger, and if people can’t afford me, welp – then we can’t work together. I bust my ASH for my clients, and I deserve to be paid for this work.
  • CLUTTER – oh man! This has been a big one for me. I’ve been getting rid of stuff all year, and I’m not done yet. I’m decluttering all. the. things! I’ve given away clothes I haven’t worn in years, books I never even opened, toys (yes toys!) that I had as a child, makeup and toiletries that should have been thrown away long ago, and so much more. I’m loving how good it feels to let go of all this crap, and I know that it’s just making way for the new, fresh and wonderful things the Universe is sending my way!!!

Wow, so although I’ve had some downs in 2016, it’s clear that this year has actually been a damn good one. Grateful that Marie suggested reviewing my year from a distance!!! I’ve learned a lot, I’ve grown a lot, and I just know that all of the amazing things that happened to me this year are going to lead to a bigger, better and more amazing 2017. Bring it on! I can’t wait to see how many wonderfully abundant things are coming my way.

Restating my goals for 2017:

  • $10,000 a month profit in easy, recurring revenue
  • Get healthier mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally
  • Have more fun and adventure
  • Do more creative things!

Want to do your own year in review? Catch Marie’s whole video here: