Sip of History: A Whiskey and Music Festival at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

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The 9th annual Sip of History on April 6th is a dog-friendly whiskey tasting festival with live music, food, and activities held at President Andrew Jackson’s historic Hermitage estate in Nashville.

Whiskey, Music and History Unite at The Hermitage’s Sip of History Festival

If you’re looking for a fun and unique event to attend this spring in Nashville, mark your calendar for the 9th annual Sip of History festival on Saturday, April 6th. This dog-friendly whiskey tasting event is held at the historic Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, the 1,120-acre former home and estate of the 7th U.S. President.

What is Sip of History?

Sip of History is an afternoon celebration of Tennessee’s whiskey heritage, live music, food, and outdoor activities. From 2pm to 5pm, guests can sample whiskeys, wines and beers from over 25 acclaimed Tennessee distilleries, breweries and wineries. This year’s participating distilleries include heavy hitters like Jack Daniel’s, Nelson’s Green Brier, and Old Dominick, among many others.

The event features live music from singer-songwriter Sean Donovan, lawn games, food vendors, and special attractions for four-legged attendees. Dogs are welcome to join the fun, with a fenced dog park, pet treat samples, accessories for sale, and even an animal welfare non-profit on site.

Why Attend This Event?

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Beyond the whiskey tasting and music, a big draw of Sip of History is the chance to explore the beautiful grounds of The Hermitage. Your ticket includes access to tour Andrew Jackson’s mansion, the gardens, nature trails, and historic buildings and exhibits. You can learn about Jackson’s life and legacy through multimedia displays and living history tours.

The event celebrates Tennessee’s deep roots in whiskey-making, which dates back to the days of settlers like Jackson distilling grain on their farms and plantations. Jackson himself had a hand in distilling whiskey at The Hermitage during his retirement years.

Tickets are $75 for Hermitage members and $85 for non-members, with proceeds supporting the preservation of this National Historic Landmark site. Whether you’re a whiskey aficionado, history buff, or just looking for a fun outdoor event, Sip of History promises a great afternoon in Nashville.

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I can’t wait to bring my Pampered Pomchis to the event in April!

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A Little About The Hermitage

The Hermitage was originally a 425-acre farm that Andrew Jackson purchased from his neighbor Nathaniel Hays in 1804. Jackson, who had owned other farms in the Nashville area previously, bought The Hermitage (first called “Rural Retreat”) with the goal of operating it as a cotton plantation to generate income.

Over time, Jackson expanded The Hermitage into a massive 1,000-acre plantation devoted primarily to growing cotton as a cash crop. At its peak, around 200 acres were used for growing cotton plants, with the demanding labor performed by over 160 enslaved workers.

While cotton was the main crop, The Hermitage was a diverse agricultural operation. Other crops like corn, wheat, vegetables, and fruit orchards were tended to help sustain the enslaved workers and Jackson family. Livestock including hogs, cattle, and sheep were also raised.

After Jackson’s death in 1845, his son Andrew Jackson Jr. inherited The Hermitage. However, declining cotton prices, debt, and other financial troubles led him to start selling off portions of the land in the 1850s. By 1858 the family had relocated, signaling the decline of The Hermitage as a working plantation.

The Civil War brought further changes, with most of the enslaved population leaving or being emancipated. Agriculture on the land dwindled, and by the 1870s-1880s cotton was no longer grown and livestock/crop outputs were greatly reduced.

In 1889, the Ladies’ Hermitage Association (now Andrew Jackson Foundation) acquired the core 25-acre site with key buildings, establishing it as a museum and historic site that has welcomed visitors ever since. Today, The Hermitage encompasses over 1,100 acres of land with the original buildings, gardens, nature trails, and active farming operations growing crops like corn, wheat and soybeans.

Why Visit The Hermitage?

  • The Hermitage is Andrew Jackson’s former home and estate, spanning 1,120 acres in Nashville, Tennessee. It is a National Historic Landmark.
  • It first opened to the public as a museum in 1889, making it one of America’s first presidential home museums.
  • The property includes Jackson’s mansion, tomb, restored slave cabins, gardens, trails, and over 20 historic buildings.
  • There are exhibits and tours that interpret Jackson’s life and legacy, including the “Born for a Storm” interactive exhibit in the visitor center.
  • Special events and programs are held at The Hermitage throughout the year, such as the Sip of History whiskey festival, lectures, holiday events, and more.
  • The Hermitage highlights the history of slavery on the plantation through tours of slave cabins/archaeological sites and programming about the lives of the enslaved people.

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