Podcasting YouTube Roundup

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Want to learn how to launch and grow a podcast? If so, this podcasting YouTube roundup is perfect for you!

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Podcasting YouTube Roundup - Podcast Studio Equipment

Podcasting YouTube Roundup – 9 Videos to Help You Start Podcasting

I don’t know about you, but a lot of times when I’m trying to learn something, I’d rather watch YouTube than read a blog post. That’s partially where the idea for this post started – watching YouTube. Then, when my bloggy friends over at RSS.com suggested sharing some of their amazing content with my audience it was the nudge I was waiting for to create this Podcasting YouTube Roundup for you to read, er I mean watch 🀣

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Okay! Without further ado, here are the videos I recommend you check out if you want to start, grow, and monetize a podcast:

Your Guide to Starting a Podcasting Channel on YouTube

Seven Steps to Starting a Podcast

Make Money with Bitcoin with Your Podcast

Get Your Podcast on Spotify

10 Things to Consider Before Starting a Podcast

Picking the Best Podcast Category for Your Show

Growing a Podcast Audience Can Be Easy

ChatGPT Plus Transcriptions Means Easy Podcast Promotion

Are You Promoting Your Podcast on Social Media? If Not, You Should Be!

And, I’m going to toot my own horn a little bit. Here’s a a playlist of all the episodes I’ve produced and hosted so far on behalf of RSS.com:

Finally, here’s a playlist of the “Quick Hits” of the episodes I’ve produced and hosted if you’re short on time, but want the knowledge bombs guests dropped over the past couple of years:

Stay tuned for more. And don’t forget if you’re ready to start a podcast, click here and use code RSSFREEMONTH at checkout for 30 days of FREE podcast hosting!