How to Outsource Residential Pressure Washing

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I’ve been becoming pretty obsessed lately with outsourcing all the things. Though I’m still not outsourcing as many things as I would like to, I’ve been enjoying handing tasks off to others so that I can focus on things that can either move my business forward, or that give me more time off to enjoy with my family and friends. One thing you can outsource that kind of surprised me is residential pressure washing. 

I knew you could outsource laundry, cleaning services, lawn care, and even grocery shopping – but pressure washing? Though it honestly didn’t surprise me, the ability to outsource residential pressure washing was news to me.  I thought that only big commercial companies could do something like that. 

Residential Pressure Washing Fence
Residential Pressure Washing Fence After

When I was growing up, I remember my dad rented a pressure washer at one point. Then, because he felt we needed one, he spent hundreds of dollars to buy a pressure washer of his own

The problem with buying your own pressure washer is that not only do you have to shell out several hundred dollars upfront, you also need to know how to use it, and then have a place to store it. I recall several times where he nearly took the paint off the walls because he didn’t know how to properly use his pressure washer.

He’d spend the entire day reading the instructions, and then working his tail off cleaning the entire house. Especially the pool deck! Man, I can picture him outside putting in so much effort to clean the deck, and then having to go back over his work again because he missed so many spots trying to hold the hose steady.

And, I also remember him having to build a custom storage unit to house the pressure washer when it wasn’t in use. Sure, there was more than just that one item in there, but it seemed so silly to me that he had to house this product and many others that he only used once every six months or so. 

To make matters worse though, some of the components rusted and wore out, and he ended up having to buy a new unit after a couple of years. I’m betting if he were around today, he would opt to outsource his residential pressure washing instead of having to buy and store such an expensive piece of equipment. 

How Do You Outsource Your Residential Pressure Washing?

Residential Pressure Washing Zap Cleaning Rust Removal
Left – Before Pressure Washing; Right – After Pressure Washing

Here are the steps you’ll want to take to outsource your residential pressure washing for your home:

1. First, you need to find a company that does it in your area. If you’re in the Sarasota area, I recommend checking out ZAP Cleaning

2. Find out what services they offer. For example, do they handle things like rust removal, roof cleaning, house washing, window cleaning, etc…?

3. Look up reviews on the company. You want to make sure that whoever you hire has a reputation for doing a good job. If you don’t hire someone that is professional, and that knows what they are doing, you could end up with a big mess on your hands. 

For example, let’s say you hire a pressure washing company that isn’t as skilled as they should be to clean your roof. The company comes over to do the job, but doesn’t use care while cleaning and they damage your roof. Now, not only do you need to repair the damage, you still need the roof cleaned! 

4. Call the company, and ask them about pricing, scheduling, and all the details you need for them to do the job you need done. 

5. Hire them for the job, and then sit back and relax while they do the heavy lifting. 

Your house will look like new, and you will barely have lifted a finger. Doesn’t that sound so much better than spending all that time and money trying to do it yourself? You might want to check out cleaning businesses like a dfw power washing company and see if they can help with residential cleaning as well as business area cleaning, you never know until you try!

Residential Pressure Washing Roof Cleaning Service
Roof Cleaning Service From ZAP Cleaning Residential Pressure Washing

Why Hire ZAP Cleaning for Your Residential Pressure Washing?

At ZAP Cleaning, their goal is for their customers to be extremely satisfied. Because of this, top-notch customer service is their number one priority. The areas they serve in Florida include: Sarasota, Vamo, Venice, Laurel, Nokomis, Southgate, North Sarasota, Bee ridge, Osprey, South Venice, Sarasota Springs, Venice Gardens, and Siesta Key. 

However, they sometimes service other areas. So give them a call for more information if you’re close to, but not quite in the Sarasota area. 

ZAP Cleaning’s services include a variety of exterior house cleaning options. Some of these are pressure washing, window cleaning, roof cleaning, and other home exterior cleaning. If there is an outdoor cleaning service that they don’t offer, however, they encourage you to call them to see if they can complete those tasks for you!
To learn more about ZAP Cleaning, call them at (941) 404-0423. Or visit their website at