Cross Country Road Trip Series

Famous Ashley Grant on the Road

For those of you who don’t know, this summer I went on an EPIC bucket list adventure. I spent 3 and a half weeks traveling the United States. My husband, my two dogs and I took off from Tampa, Florida to California, then headed North toward Washington state before making our way back east via South Dakota, Minnesota and then south through Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and finally back to Tampa, Florida. We got off to a rocky start because of traffic but we quickly learnt to keep an eye out for Car accident news and ended up avoiding most of the traffic from then on. It worked out quite well!

The entire experience was intense, exciting, horrifying, nerve wracking, emotional, amazing, wonderful, breathtaking – you know what I’ll save some time by simply saying I felt nearly every emotion in the book on the trip. I saw things I’ve only dreamed about seeing. I ate some pretty amazing foods. I got to hang out with some fabulous people – a couple of which even hosted my little family for the night (thanks again Jim and Lauren 😀 ). I froze my bottom off in a few states. I thought I would die of heat exhaustion in Texas, New Mexico and Nevada. I drank some delicious wine. I tried a few things I never thought I would and learned some pretty spectacular lessons on the way.

Now, all I want to do is write about the entire trip, but rather than try to stuff it all in one post, I’ve decided to break it up into a series. This way my friends and family can see the pictures that they’ve been asking me to see and I can tell everyone all the things about the trip they want to know! So, stay tuned. I’ll be adding everything to this little blog of mine – a virtual scrapbook if you will of the most amazing working vacation I’ve ever had in my life!

As I add write ups I’ll post links below of all of my additions to my virtual scrapbook!