Buying Clothes On A Shoe String Budget

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Nowadays fashion trends come and go. Styles that are now in will be quickly dropped for another hot look two months from now.

Dressing up really doesn’t have to be that difficult. Trends can be fun for the whimsical who enjoy keeping up with them, but painful for people who cannot afford to be following fashion cycles that move and change as quickly as water. Keeping a few fashion-wise things in mind can help to balance out the crazy cycles.

Working with Styles that Never Fade

Some styles never seem to go out of fashion and can always be useful. Fashion tends to go in cycles and certain styles always do seem to make it back one way or another. For instance, polyester blends do not go out of fashion. Polyester is very wearable and simple to care for. It is a synthetic fabric that saves time and money for the person who chooses to wear it.

One way to battle the fashion trends is to always have some fabrics like polyester or even rayon blends that never seem to go out and are very wearable. Also, stocking the wardrobe with some basic pieces including stripes, dots and monochromatic colors can prove to come in handy and can be used any time under jackets or with jeans.

Leaning on Accessories in Fashion

Accessories are a fun way to make any outfit look like a million bucks. If the dress or the pants cannot be purchased, or are way out of the budget’s reason, accessories can save the day. Colorful bracelets, pins, necklaces, rings, and even belts, beads and purses can add a sense of style and update any look.

Just open up a popular fashion magazine and see what is in store for the season. Chances are there will be a wide display of current accessories to choose from. This may also include makeup, specifically, what is being done with lips, cheeks and hair accessories opposed to last season.

Seeking out Shops within Budget and Reason

Many stores have pumped up prices on clothing especially if the look is a hot, trendy, sought after style that has stemmed right from the fashion runways into the mainstream. There are other places that exist that do not have such high pricetags. These places may include thrift shops, consignment shops, and certain (gently used) clothing boutiques. Stores such as these tend to carry irregular, lightly used or sell out clothing items for much cheaper prices.

To wrap up dressing great on a budget, just try to keep styles and fabrics in the closet that never seem to go out, pile up on the accessories of the season to keep it moving, and seek out plenty of bargain clothing shops (stay clear of department stores). With these guidelines, dressing fabulous on a budget will be very attainable.