Article Spotlight: Nerdy Girls Do Real Estate On The Godaddy Blog

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Nerdy Girls Do Real Estate On The Godaddy Blog

Y’all! I’m so grateful to share with you today an article I wrote for the Godaddy Blog –  “How to increase Instagram engagement for your real estate company.” I’m not just excited about this piece because of the kickASH Instagram tips in it. Oh no. I’m excited because this piece features the ahhhhhhmazing ladies behind Nerdy Girls Real Estate. Give it a read ri’chere:

When you’re a nerdy girl in real estate, you don’t just sell houses, you sell them with flair. That’s just what the two women behind Nerdy Girls have — a whole lotta flair. It’s what has helped them not only with their Instagram engagement, but also with their real estate business in general.

Their first Instagram post went live on Dec. 28, 2016. Though it was a simple post, it turned into something that Katharine “Kate” Hickland (aka the original nerd or queen nerd, if you will) could never have predicted. It turned into a community.

The Nerdy Girls Instagram account is fun, educational and brings together people who are passionate about Tampa, Fla., in a highly entertaining fashion. Their following is considered small by “internet famous” standards at just over 6,400 followers, but it steadily grows every week and shows no signs of slowing down.

Recently, I sat down with queen nerd Kate and her business partner, Michelle James, to talk about all things real estate, Instagram engagement and, of course, nerding out. Here’s what I learned. Continue reading…

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