What I’m Up to This Week 2/23/15

I’ll be a busy bee this week!

It’s been too damn long since I posted to my own page. This website is my therapy and I miss posting here. I plan on adding a whole bunch of stuff from my trip to Thailand and to my weekly Thirsty Thursdays that took an unintended break after Halloween 2014. My world has been a little crazy since just before my trip to Thailand, but I am just going to start it up again because it’s my blog and I do what I want! LOL!

So, here’s what you can expect going forward:
– I’ll be posting new stuff weekly again (sometimes daily depending on how I feel that morning)
– I’ll be adding all of my backdated posts from pre-Thailand to Valentine’s Day to National Margarita Day
– I’m going to use this page to do what I said I would- have a diary of my life as a freelancer along with highlights of work I’ve done. And if you don’t like it, you don’t have to visit anymore.

There, I already feel better.

This week on my schedule I have a BUNCH of writing to do. I have 13 newsletters to ghost write, 11 blog posts to ghost write and 6 articles to finish writing and posting for my About.com page 😉 After that I’ve got some editing and re-writing to do for two eBooks I’m ghost writing for two different clients so you could definitely say this week’s schedule will be full and I will be a very busy bee!

Have a great week everybody! I’ll post more here soon 🙂 It feels good to say that!

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