What Does it Take to Get Famous Online?

Getting famous online requires a lot more planning than using the “post and pray” method. However, searching online will bring you countless methods for how to gain more followers, increase your visibility, and manage your presence successfully. 

Below you’ll find 4 of the most important tips for increasing your chances of making it big. 

While we can’t guarantee that you will get famous online with these steps, they will certainly help! 

1. Decide on your “niche”.

Your “niche” is basically your little corner of the internet. The first step to creating a successful online profile is to really decide what your passion is. What do you have expertise with? What information or knowledge do you possess that other people NEED? Now – go find community there! 

When you think of your niche, think SMALL. It probably feels counterintuitive to narrow down the people you are trying to reach, but my specializing you are competing against a smaller number of posts for visibility. This method also benefits you because the people that you ARE reaching actually need what you are providing.

Pro Tip: Don’t just pick “busy people”. Narrow down to “athletic busy people” or “tea loving busy people”. 

2. Post valuable content.

You have to bring value to your niche. People want to gain something from following you! This could be products they need, tips and tricks, or even solidarity. Either way, they have to connect with you and feel that you are solving a problem they have. 

Finding community is incredibly important for this. For example: If you are focusing on the DIY niche – Post an Instagram Reel showing your niche how to stain an end table in under an hour. Bring the funny and relatable content! 

Pro Tip: Look at your video and ask yourself, “Would I share or save this?”

3. Select 1-2 platforms to really dig into. 

You need to learn about the algorithms (technical “formula” created for deciding which posts show up to many people and which don’t) involved on your favorite platforms. For example: Facebook likes to show posts that involve pictures of a face and that involve conversations. The more back and forth conversation, the more people that post is going to be shown to. 

Once you have found your niche and decided on platforms – get involved in groups (on Facebook) or hashtags (Instagram) and interact with them! Build relationships with them! Providing value and answering questions will build credibility for you within the community. 

Pro Tip: Utilize the search feature on groups or instagram to search for people’s questions in your niche. What questions do you have answer for? What problems do people have that you can solve? 

4. Consistency, consistency, consistency. 

This is probably the most important way to bring maximum visibility and engagement to your own posts. It is incredibly important to put content out on a frequent, predictable basis. People will come back to your account for your daily content! The more you post, the more people will be able to interact, and the more visibility you will have.

Have confidence! Yes, the internet can feel big and scary. But just take these steps one at a time and go for it. Find your people, dig in, and bring that value consistently. May your page views be high, and your bounce rate be low!