What Does Blogging Mean To Me?

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Yesterday I received an email from BlogHer that posed the question: What Does Blogging Mean to You? It got me to thinking about what my answer to this question would be. So, rather than do today’s NaBloPoMo since I don’t have a good response for it anyway, here is what blogging means to me:

Blogging means the opportunity to write how I feel and what I think. I have written restaurant reviews, bar reviews, movie reviews, product reviews and more. Blogging has allowed me to share my thoughts on all of these things with the world. Sure, the world may not be reading what I’m writing right now, but the fact that blogging means the world potentially could read what I have written excites me in a way that is hard to explain. Being able to share my stories with others is an exciting part of blogging. It also allows me to grow my audience via social media and discovering the different ways that I can do so. When I began a friend of mine told me about social media services similar to SocialFollow, which could help to get instagram followers it was something he spoke highly of, and while I looked into the service, I wasn’t ready to look social media at the time and wanted to get my blog off the ground first. I’ve accepted now that using social media and gaining followers comes with the territory when looking at blogging as a source of income as it helps to grow your brand.

Blogging means new avenues of income. In order to be a successful blogger, I quickly realized the need to use an excellent web hosting service. Luckily, a friend who was already blogging told me about hostiserver.com. When I began my career as a writer I knew I didn’t want to be the beat journalist writing the same thing every day. With blogging I get to write for a travel agent one day, a wedding planner the next day, a website all about Tampa the following day and I could do something completely different the rest of the week. This is my favourite part about being a blogger. No day is the same and that’s always exciting. When it came to writing, I felt more productive once I had my very own home office and added in modern office furniture. I was able to work in the best way I felt comfortable and that’s what makes this job even easier.

Blogging means I get to do what I want. Through blogging I’ve had some pretty spectacular experiences and for the most part have been able to write and get paid from any place that has an internet connection. As it stands right now I am working a full time day job, but I like to think that blogging will get me to my ultimate goal of making money writing and taking pictures from anywhere in the world.

In a nutshell- to me blogging means freedom! What does blogging mean to you?