Wedding Favor Ideas For Lasting Memories

Send wedding guests home with something to remember the special day.

On their special wedding day, brides and grooms may choose to send their guests home with something to show their appreciation and to help them remember the special day when family and friends came together to celebrate their union.

With such a variety of tastes, it’s often difficult to come up with one thing everyone will enjoy. Some items may be personalized with the names of the bride and groom. Whatever wedding favors the guests receive, they’ll love the fact that they were appreciated.

 Coasters: Find a high-quality coaster that can be personalized with the date of the big event. Pictures may be added to some styles. Guests will enjoy one personalized coaster or a set of coasters depicting the season, enclosed in an embossed box.
 Picture Frames: Picture frames may be used as place card holders then as wedding favors for the guests’ favorite photos. Each guest may receive one or two (tied together with a ribbon in the colors of the wedding).
 Personalized Travel Kits: Send each guest away with a travel kit filled with essentials such as lip balm, sunscreen (perfect for a beach wedding), a toothbrush, sample sizes of toiletries, pens, and small notepads. Use either a neutral gender zippered case with the date of the wedding or tuck the items into a drawstring tulle bag.
 Candles: What can be more romantic than scented candles in various sizes and shapes? Add candleholders along with either lighters or matches for a complete gift. Wrap them in personalized boxes with the names of the bride and groom, along with the wedding date.
 Key Chains: Most people can always use an extra key chain. Look for one that can be personalized or, better yet, has a miniature photo frame attached to commemorate the special event.
 Bookmarks: Romance-loving guests will enjoy personalized pewter or silver bookmarks. Every time they pick up their favorite novel, they’ll think of the bride and groom.
 Cell Phone Charms: Personalized cell phone charms make excellent wedding favors. They can be found in metal or crystal, depending on the budget and tastes. They attach to the cell phone with a nylon cord. Each time the guests answer their phone or make a call, they’ll think of the bride and groom.
 Sleep Masks: Satin sleep masks block the light, enabling the wearer to fall to sleep without glaring light interfering. They may be monogrammed with the names of the bride and groom or the date of the wedding.

The most important thing to remember is that the guests will appreciate anything from the bride and groom. This is one time that it truly is the thought that counts. Many of these favors can also be used as favors at bridal showers. The bride and groom may want to have extra special gifts for members of the bridal party.