Wedding Color Schemes Ideas

Beautiful wedding color scheme ideas can be inspired by everything from fashion jewels to decorative paper to paint colors.

The best way to find the right combination of colors for your wedding is to take inspiration from a piece of fabric, wallpaper, art, or many other ideas.

Wedding Color Combinations

 Paint Colors: A great place to find inspiration for wedding colors is paint companies. Every year most come out with a color trends report offering a series of colors that compliment each other. At Behr paint's website, simply choose a color and then use their Color Smart feature to get three complimentary colors.
 Patterned Ribbon & Decorative Paper: Ribbon and paper, such as those used in scrapbooking, offer beautiful color palettes. An added benefit is that they can then be used as part of the decorations.
 Fabric & Wallpaper: These are other sources of inspiration. It doesn't mean the fabric has to be used in the wedding; just use the colors as a guide.
 Make-up: It may sound offbeat, but great sources for a wedding color palette are eye shadow sets. Consider Smashbox's Eye Shadow Trio in On Stage – beautiful coordinating shades of gold, russet brown, and taupe beige that would be perfect for a fall wedding.
 Jewelry: If looking for jewel tones, check out jeweled costume brooches, which usually have a mix of colors that work well together or at least shades that go well with gold and silver, which are great accent colors.

Wedding Color Ideas for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

 If having a Christmas wedding, check out high-end Christmas cards or gift wrap to get that right mix of elegant seasonal wedding colors.
 For a beach wedding, look at the color mix in vibrant swimwear or sarongs.
 It doesn't have to be pastels for summer and darker shades for fall, unless, for example, photos will be in front of fall foliage, and then the wedding party's attire might clash with the background.

Other Wedding Color Ideas

 The dominant color is used for bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen ties, invitation envelopes, wedding cake icing, and so forth. Choose one or two accent colors for secondary flowers in bouquets, centerpieces, and table napkins.
 Always have white, cream, or ivory somewhere in the mix.
 Black and white themes are nice, but to soften it, try dark grey with cream.
 If you only want to use one color, choose two or three different shades of it for accent colors for a monochromatic look.

There are so many sources of inspiration to find the perfect wedding colors, from paint color combinations to decorative paper and ribbon, even costume jewelry.