Wedding Centerpieces For Reception Tables

Beautiful wedding centerpieces guests will love, from tiered antipasto platters to bouquets of chocolate flower wedding favors to floral vases with etched table numbers.

Striking wedding centerpieces that make a statement but do not break the budget are always a top request from brides. Here are some simple yet distinctive alternatives to consider.

Food Centerpieces Ideas

 Place a multi-tier plate of chocolates or small desserts in the center of the table for guests to enjoy at the end of the meal.
 Another great food centerpiece is to place a cheese and fruit tray or an antipasto platter in the middle of the table, something for guests to enjoy as they wait for others to take their seats.
 Create a centerpiece made of chocolate flowers that have a stick for a stem. Arrange them in a vase with styrofoam in the bottom to hold the sticks in place. The flowers can double as wedding favors for guests.
 Use a mini edible wedding cake for each centerpiece. After the bride and groom have cut the official cake, a volunteer at each table could then cut the centerpiece cake at each guest table.

Floral Wedding Centerpieces

 Make each centerpiece an exact replica of the bride's wedding bouquet.
 If the ceiling is low, hang floral centerpieces from the ceiling with invisible wire, so they are hanging just above the guests' heads and not in their line of vision.
 If using a clear vase, add food color to the water that matches or coordinates with the colors of the flowers or wedding colors, or use a vase in a coordinating color to the flowers, i.e., orange glass vase for a fall floral arrangement.

Wedding Centerpiece Vases

 For a fall wedding, fill large glass hurricane jars with pecans in their shell (it has a glossy brown shell) and then place a large orange pillar candle in the center for an easy centerpiece.
 A great centerpiece for a Christmas wedding is to fill a wide glass vase with dried cranberries and place a white sugared pillar candle in the middle.
 Another idea for centerpieces is to take a glass vase and, using an etching kit, etch either the bride and groom's names or the table number on it.

Candle Wedding Centerpieces

 Hang ornate tin or Chinese paper lanterns from the ceiling with invisible wire over each table.
 Create paper lanterns for the table out of solid stock decorative paper. The lanterns could have a shape or pattern cutout or could spell out the bride and groom's names and wedding dates. Again, use LED or battery candles for safety.
 Place a candelabra in the center of the tables. If this is too expensive of an option, consider wine bottle candelabras, which can cost as little as $10. The wine bottle can be replaced with a more decorative bottle.

Wedding centerpieces can be anything from flowers to candles to food, all of which guests will enjoy and will add to the ambiance of the room.