Wedding Centerpieces For Guest Tables

Wedding decorations help set the party mood at the reception. Here are several great ideas to make the guests’ tables look festive.

Generally, wedding centerpieces are not included by the caterer or reception hall, so the bride and groom or someone they hire must provide them. Flowers are most often used, but other options can be just as delightful.

Wedding Decorations With Cakes

Instead of floral centerpieces, why not have small cakes that each serve six to eight people? They don’t have to be expensive if a reasonable bakery or capable aunt makes them, and also serve a dual purpose: acting as a centerpiece while also providing an easy dessert for guests to serve themselves.

Use several types of flavors for variety, like red velvet, carrot, German chocolate, double decadent chocolate, and all manner of cheesecake. Each table can have a different flavor, but all are tantalizingly decorated and set on a cake plate or craft mirror circle.

A serving spatula and cutting knife should be set on each table, next to the cake. Three or four small, inexpensive votive candle holders with white votive candles can be placed around the cakes for an added touch of elegance.

When it is time for the bride and groom to cut their cake, which can be small since it won’t be served to everyone, an announcement should be made to tell the guests to help themselves to the wonderful edible centerpieces on their tables and to encourage them to share or trade their cake slices with people at other tables.

The guests don’t have to wait for the caterer to cut the traditional huge tiered cake but can dig in themselves and have a lot of fun while doing it. Trade half a tiramisu slice for a black forest torte!

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Another great centerpiece for guest tables is three-foot-tall, slender vases that can be purchased at craft stores like Michael’s, pictured below for a fall wedding. Glass pebbles weigh the bottom, with silk hydrangeas and branches sprouting fall leaves looming above. Reasonably priced but pretty flowers like calla lilies, tulips, or even curly willow or small branches bearing leaves are also excellent choices for these vases. The nice thing about them is that they give guests unobstructed views of each other while dining.

Incorporate unusual things in centerpieces, like pretty, shimmery fabric that is fluffed and shaped, peacock feathers, pearls, beads, jewelry chains, candle groupings, satin ribbon, and fresh fruit. Burlap, fishnets, sand, shells, and starfish can be made into a creative arrangement for a beach wedding. Use one’s imagination, and the sky is the limit, especially when the bride has to have an affordable wedding.

Then what happens after the wedding reception? Lots of thank you notes have to be written for all those thoughtful gifts, and then comes the real challenge of marriage: building a life together.