Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Trying to figure out wedding centerpiece ideas is only one of the many things you have to worry about when you’re planning a wedding.

Choosing wedding centerpieces for your tables does not have to be costly or time-consuming. You can easily set the mood of your wedding or reception with a few nice centerpieces that are personal to the bride and groom.

The wedding centerpiece should compliment the decorations you already have instead of detracting from them. It’s important to think about the other wedding decorations when choosing a centerpiece.

There are many things to consider when thinking about wedding centerpiece ideas. Keep in mind the theme of the wedding, the number of guests, the main colors of the wedding, and the colors of the venue.


Flowers have been a popular wedding centerpiece for years and will continue to be so because of their cost-effectiveness and beauty. It’s quite easy to place a few flowers into a vase and make a centerpiece, but make sure that your flowers complement the other wedding decor and are artfully arranged.

Some brides choose to hire a florist for flower arrangement centerpieces. They can become quite costly but provide beautiful results.


Fruit can be another colorful wedding centerpiece. You can use a color theme and choose a fruit that matches your wedding colors. For a red wedding, you could fill a vase full of strawberries and chocolates. For a yellow wedding, you could fill a vase full of lemons and white chocolate.

Fruit can also be placed on a tired tower so that guests can have something to snack on. This provides a beautiful and useful centerpiece.

Filled Vases

Filling vases with things you find in nature can bring a little bit of the outside into your wedding. Vases can be found at craft stores at exceptional prices and can be filled with anything from sand and shells for a beach wedding to colored stones and floating candles for something more elegant.

Another popular vase idea is to place a plant, some stones, and a live goldfish into a large vase. This provides interest and gives your guests something beautiful at which to look.


Use your theme to provide other wedding centerpiece ideas. If you are having a nontraditional wedding, such as a Halloween wedding or a Disney wedding, make your centerpiece match your theme. A bride is only limited by her imagination.


Keep in mind that the height of your centerpieces should not be so tall as to obstruct the guest’s view at the table. They will want to see across the table to converse with other guests, and they will also want to be able to watch the bride cut the cake.

In addition to the wedding centerpiece, you might want to include several disposable cameras at each table. These are available in bulk and can be a fun and happy addition to any wedding. Encouraging guests to take photographs is a great way to have fun and get photos of other guests that no photographer would ever be able to take.