Wedding Cake Flavor And Style Decisions

A wedding cake is an essential element of a wedding. Whether the wedding is a backyard picnic, a justice of the peace visit, or an all-expense, ball gown wedding, the cake is significant for the bride and groom to cut together as the first accomplishment as a married couple. There are many aspects to choosing a wedding cake, and each has its own prerequisites. Study your baker’s background carefully and chose a cake that fits your style as a couple perfectly.

Wedding Cake Flavors

The wedding cake has become a crucial part of the wedding reception in the past century and less of a nominal representation of bride and groom togetherness. The flavors have advanced from the early 19th-century tradition of fruitcakes or simple white cakes into practically any flavor the couple could crave.

Banana, cheesecake, and even blueberry can replace the normal white cake flavor depending upon the tastes and decorative styles of the bride and groom. Always remember, allergies to tree nuts have multiplied in the last decade. This allergy, depending upon the person afflicted, can be fatal. It is best to stay away from almond, pecan, or other tree nut flavors.

Wedding Cake Icing

The wedding cake icing is the outside layer of the cake in which the decoration and design are built. The icing for a wedding cake must be able to last for the long hours of a wedding ceremony and then throughout the reception dinner. This length of time means the icing must have a consistency that prohibits melting or hardening and yet still holds the decorative design created by the cake artist.

Rolled fondant and marzipan are excellent icings for conceiving a design that holds up to long waiting and still tastes delectable. Creating fondant is simple by using a recipe for the icing and replacing the shortening with corn syrup. This creates the thicker, easier to manipulate icing called fondant. Add food coloring, cut with a sharp knife, shape the icing with a spoon, and the fondant will become any design desired.

Wedding Cake Filling

The wedding cake is frequently a layered cake. The layers need a filling between them to ensure the layers do not move in transporting the cake from the bakery to the reception hall. The flavor of the filling must correlate to the flavor of the cake batter and the icing.

The filling may be merely the same as the icing on the cake, but in the past 50 years, wedding designers have used custards, puddings, and ganache to add to the taste. Using such soft fillings was not always advisable, as the layers would slide off each other. However, using plastic dowels inside the cake layers allows for stacking using a fashionable filling that is not cake cement.

With the revolution in flavor, icing, and style so substantial, the decisions about the wedding cake sometimes take longer than any other decision. The key to a stress-free wedding is to remember it is the bride and groom are who are getting married, and it is only they who need to be satisfied. If they want carrot cake with a picture of Bugs Bunny on the top, then that is what they shall have.

Be creative in deciding up a wedding cake but do not be garish and tasteless.