Wedding Beauty Tips For The Bride-to-be

Many women are unaware of important wedding beauty tips. Planning in advance is one of the most important tips for looking beautiful for a wedding.

Every woman wants to look beautiful on the day of her wedding. With all of the other stresses that come with wedding planning, many women do not even think about when they should get their hair colored or their eyebrows waxed. Here are some wedding beauty tips that every bride-to-be should be aware of.

Wedding Beauty Tips for Hair Color

When coloring hair before a wedding, it is important to be conscious of timing. Women who are planning to dye their hair another color can begin months in advance, as the hairstylist will only need to retouch the roots for the wedding. It may be ideal for the hairstylist to re-dye the whole entire head prior to the wedding, especially for those who have hard water. Hair dye also absorbs better the second time around.

One of the wedding beauty tips to be aware of is in regards to highlighting the hair. It is important to avoid getting highlights too early because the hairstylist cannot-recolor the same strand of hair twice. This means that wedding hair may be much lighter than expected. Adding some lowlights can help tone the hair down when this mistake is made, however. It is ideal for the bride-to-be to get highlights done several weeks before the wedding.

Eyebrow Waxing Before the Wedding Day

No bride wants to have unruly eyebrows on the day of her wedding. However, keep in mind that it is important to get an eyebrow wax at the right time. Many women with sensitive skin experience breakouts from eyebrow waxing. Thus, this is one of the most important wedding beauty tips. Get an eyebrow wax a few months before the wedding to see how long it takes for the redness and blisters to go away. Generally, it is ideal for getting an eyebrow wax about two weeks before the wedding, as this gives the skin time to heal and won’t allow the hair to grow back in.

Wedding Beauty Tips for Skin Tone

Most women do not want to be all pale for their wedding day. Before hitting the tanning beds or lathering on the tanning lotions, it is important to keep in mind that skin that is too unnaturally tan will not look flattering in wedding photographs. Since white enhances a tan, women look even darker than usual in a wedding dress.

Many tanning lotions can look orange, so it is ideal to experiment with different ones months prior to the wedding to see what works the best. Also, keep in mind that tanning lotions may stain the wedding dress if the bride sweats a lot. Spray tans tend to make the skin look splotchy. One of the best wedding beauty tips for women who want a tan is to get sunlight from the outdoors. Those who do choose to use a tanning bed should avoid going every day of the week and will want to think about stopping about a month prior to the wedding.

These are just a few of the many wedding beauty tips that every bride-to-be should keep in mind. Remember that every bride looks beautiful on her wedding day, regardless of the color of her hair or how dark her skin is. This is a special day that will be remembered for years to come, so it is best for the bride-to-be to avoid changing her natural appearance too drastically.