Unique Outdoor Locations For Wedding Ceremonies

There is something serene and peaceful about getting married outside. The beauty of late-day sunshine or rushing water adds a unique ambiance to wedding ceremonies.

For those couples searching for a unique location to host their wedding ceremony, an outdoor spot is worth serious consideration. Outdoor wedding ceremonies offer natural beauty, fresh air, and simple elegance, many of the features sought by brides and grooms. Here are four suggestions for unique outdoor wedding ceremony locations.

Wedding Next to Water at a Local/State Park

Every state has an array of picturesque parks that can serve as romantic, unusual locations for wedding ceremonies. And many of those natural spots feature water, a classic image associated with scenic weddings. Spend a few afternoons scoping out local and/or state parks with your fiancé. Think about where you could place a wedding podium and chairs for guests if desired.

For example, in Northeastern Ohio, Gorge Metro Park has several locations near the mighty Cuyahoga River that offer couples a unique spot to marry. For a quiet ceremony spot, the park has a secluded path near the wide, gentle part of the river. But the river then plunges down a powerful waterfall, serving as an ideal location for a rustic, romantic ceremony.

Wedding on a Covered Bridge

A covered bridge is a beautiful spot to host a wedding ceremony, especially in areas threatened by inclement weather throughout the year. Many covered bridges are located in small, quaint towns surrounded by natural beauty and historical significance. In Vermont, a state known for its covered bridges, Riverside Farm in Pittsfield offers couples the opportunity to marry on the farm’s wooden covered bridge. Check your state tourism bureau to find covered bridges in your area.

Wedding on a Cliff

For those couples wanting a natural wedding spot that is a bit more daring and diverse, consider an open, airy ceremony on a cliff. This is especially picturesque in areas surrounded by oceans and winding rivers, which also provide the soothing sounds of waves crashing against cliff walls. If selecting a cliff-side spot for your wedding, consider a simple, carefree theme that gracefully lends itself to this natural backdrop.

Wedding In a Garden

Gardens are perfect backdrops for outdoor wedding ceremonies and are typically brimming with lush flowers and fragrant blooms. In fact, garden weddings require little or no extraneous decorating, which certainly helps those walloping wedding budgets. If you are fortunate enough to have a friend who avidly tends to his garden or a local non-profit organization with gardens on display, consider this location for your outdoor wedding ceremony.

Of course, make sure to obtain all needed permits and permissions from park/location authorities before moving forward with your wedding ceremony plans.

Best wishes!