Types of Barbeque Cooking

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Here are different types of barbeque cooking explained, with tips on how to get the best flavor from each one.

The loved and looked forward to summer tradition of barbeque cooking often involves the grilling of burgers and steaks upon a grill rack using a direct source of heat. However, did you know that there are a few more ways to cook using the grill? The following types of barbeque cooking mentioned below will serve to greatly expand the range of foods that can be cooked on the grill, thereby infusing sauces as well as baked potatoes and vegetables with that savored smoky barbeque aroma.

Direct heat grilling

This type or barbeque cooking is by far the most typical and popular way. It is when food is cooked directly over the source of heat and is what most barbeque chefs are familiar with as they cook their burgers and sausages upon the grill rack. Although this method isn’t advised for cooking large pieces of meat as the outside often gets charred before the inside is cooked properly.

Indirect heat grilling

As the name suggests, this type of cooking uses an indirect source of heat to cook the food. It’s often the case that food is placed to the side, and or the grill cover is closed while the heat is low. This method is especially suited to cooking large pieces of meat or poultry, as the low heat over a long period of time ensures that the inside part of the meat or poultry is fully cooked. It also ensures the outside of the meat doesn’t char quickly. This type of barbeque cooking is similar in many ways to baking food or steaming, as hot air and smoke work to roast and cook the food more so than direct heat. A succulent leg of lamb can be left to roast slowly for a couple of hours on the grill using this method.


This method of barbeque cooking is very similar to what has been mentioned above regarding the indirect heat grilling and it is a form of such a method. This method however allows for a great smoky and woody flavor to infuse the food. There are many kinds of smoking woods that are used to release various types of woody flavors. Hickory wood is a popular choice and there are many others. This method only works for grills that have covers though, as the smoke needs to be concentrated.


This method is when a barbeque turns the meat over slowly and is often something watched with drools of anticipation. It’s an easy way to slow roast any food and has the advantage of being an optimized way to ensure food is cooked evenly. This method is like indirect cooking and often results in the meat or poultry being very tender and juicy. There are options for rotisserie kits to be attached to grills, and newer grills often come with such a feature.

Foil wrapped or basket cooking

Some foods, especially root vegetables, which generally take more time to cook, can be wrapped in tin foil with some seasonings of choice and olive oil. Such a method prevents the outside of the potato from burning, while allowing it to steam inside the wrap and cook gently. A grill safe metal basket with holes in can also be used to grill or smoke a variety of vegetables. The basket is placed directly on top of the grill and prevents cuts of vegetables from sticking to the grill or falling down into the charcoal. It also allows for vegetables to be infused with a smoky woody flavor, making them more tasty and appealing.

Skillet and or pot/pan cooking

The grill can be used in so many ways just like a cooker. Soups and sauces can be made by placing a heavy duty skillet (cast iron ones work best) on top of the grill. A high heat is needed for this method to be productive and allows all the food to be cooked in one place. Such a method can make every single item of food on the menu to be infused with that woody grilled aroma.

As there are many types of cooking methods used upon a stove, there are also many methods of barbeque cooking using a grill. So next time you use the grill, try some of the other methods of barbeque cooking and see how many types of food can conveniently be cooked to perfection on the grill.