Thrilled to Announce I’ve Been Given the Liebster Award

(Last Updated On: June 2, 2017)

Amy Miller, also know as the gal behind the website nominated my website Famous Ashley Grant for The Liebster Award!

This is how she informed me “Hi Famous Ashley Grant! You’re about to get even more famous, because I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award, to promote up-and-coming
blogs! ”

What a cool honor! Thanks bunches Amy!!!!

I found out about Amy Miller’s site via the Ultimate Blogging Challenge. I had mentioned at the beginning of the month that I’m participating in Two Blogging Challenges and although it’s been a little rough blogging daily for these two challenges, I’ve been blown away by the serge in traffic on my sites and have loved interacting with other bloggers as well as reading posts on blogs I never would have known existed. It has ultimately been a blast and I fully intend to participate in more of blogging challenges from now on.

So, what is this Liebster Award thing anyway? Well, since you asked…I pulled this info about The Liebster Award directly from Vomiting Chicken

“The Liebster Award is given to ‘up and coming blogs,’ and encourages the discovery of cool new blogs.

So here’s what is involved:

When you receive the award, you post eleven random facts about yourself and answer eleven questions from the person who nominated you.

Then you pass the award onto eleven other blogs (making sure that you tell them you nominated them) and ask them eleven questions. (One might wonder at the significance of the number “eleven” here, but that would probably be silly.)  You are not allowed to nominate the blog that nominated you!  So here we go:”

Here are 11 random things about me:
1. My Zodiac sign is Leo and it shows. I love attention, am loyal to a fault and tend to leap before looking. I’m wildly ambitious, creative, warm and stubborn.
2. I am deathly afraid of spiders. I have fled houses, pools and even cars to avoid them.
3. I broke my wedding ring finger in sixth grade playing basketball.
4. I was a ballet, jazz and tap dancer in training for about 11 years.
5. I got all the way to a blue belt in Tae Kwon Do and broke several toes during board breaking exercises because my dance training was to always point my toes and in Tae Kwon Do and board breaking you are supposed to flex. Whoops!
6. When I say “I’m the Famous Ashley Grant,” I do in fact want to be famous- I’ve said this a lot though- not Kim Kardashian famous, but more like well known writer famous. The idea of being a celebrity scares me because although I don’t mind being an open book a complete loss of privacy is not okay with me.
7. I have a gambling addiction. It’s something I struggle with daily and am even working on an eBook about. I hope to self publish it via Amazon by the end of the month or at least by May 2013.
8. I want to be a writer, photographer and nomad and make my money with writing and photography while traveling the world. I finally made my dream of being a proBlogger come true- now I just need to become a 6 figure a year earning proBlogger.
9. I’m not ruling the idea of having children out completely but I definitely don’t want kids until I’ve traveled a little more.
10. I’m generally a happy person but have given my trust away too freely and been burned in the past so often have my guard up when I meet new people.
11. I married to the man of my dreams in 2006 and plan to be with him the rest of my life. Amazing things have happened in our relationship while it was raining 😉 He doesn’t like the spotlight so I try to avoid pulling him into it with me.

My answers to the 11 questions asked of me:
1. What is your favorite meal? I’m always willing to eat pizza but when I’m homesick my two favorite meals are eggs sunny side up with biscuits for breakfast and beef pot roast with mashed taters for dinner.
2. Do you believe in space aliens? If so, how would you describe them? I think there is a possibility that aliens exist and they must be smart because they have avoided Earth.
3. How do you keep your house clean?  I don’t! I can’t keep the house clean and see the world at the same time!
4. How do you stay fit when you spend much time at the computer? Again, I don’t 🙁 I tried a diet, lost a bunch of weight and then like a fool went back to my old ways of eating and gained it back. Now instead of focusing on dieting, I’m just walking more and trying to eat healthier foods without getting rid of my favorite things altogether.
5. What’s a dream that you hope to accomplish this year? To make 6 figures a year through writing and taking pictures. So it’s a dream I want to accomplish this year and every year for the rest of my life!
6. Do you own a grand piano?  Do you play an instrument? Nope- no grand piano. I think I can still play the Recorder though.
7. How will you spend your birthday this year? When I sell enough eBooks I hope to go to Europe for 3 months. If  When that happens, I’ll spend it in Europe!
8. What are some of your favorite movies and t.v. shows? Revenge and Burn Notice are my two favorites right now. I’m also getting into The Buried Life. My go to picks when nothing else is on is Law & Order or Law & Order: Criminal Intent on Netflix.
9. What are you reading right now, book and magazine-wise? Book wise- I’m reading Louise L. Hay’s You can Heal Your Life and Magazine Wise I’m reading Woman’s World– It’s my weekly required feel good reading!!!
10. Are you a cat person or a dog person or a gerbil person? Dog and cat person. I want to get a kitten and a puppy at the same time and raise them together. First, I have to move out of my apartment complex though. They charge RENT plus a security deposit for animals. Unreal!!!
11. Do you have a favorite Youtube video that you’d like to share with the class? My go to Youtube video is Funny Cats. No matter my mood, it always makes me happy 🙂


And now for my 11 nominations (in no particular order):

1. Bobbie Yvonne Kingsbury at
2. Kristen (Toney) Campbell at
3. Robert Yaniz at
4. Kathy Dorf at
5. Candace (Braun) Davison at
6. Holley Sinn at
7. Kim Kindle at
8. Kathy Widenhouse at
My last three picks are not up and coming (they are quite established) but I LOVE promoting these gals nonetheless. Besides, that is what the Liebster Award is all about right? Promoting and introducing cool blogs!!!
9. Chris Kuhn at
10. Liza Ford at
11. Tracy Ann Guida at

Now for the 11 questions for you all, if you’d like to participate:

1. If you could guest blog for any website, which one would you choose?
2. Who is the person you always go to for advice? Why?
3. What animal do you relate most to? Why?
4. What is your favorite thing about being a blogger?
5. Why did you start blogging in the first place?
6. Where is your favorite place to eat and what do you order there?
7. What’s your favorite cocktail recipe?
8. Peanut Butter or chocolate chip cookies?
9. If there was a pot luck, what dish would you be bringing? Would you make it or buy it?
10. How do you de-stress and decompress?
11.What is your favorite thing to do when it’s raining?

Do you have a drink you want me to try or a product you want me to review?

Contact me HERE! I’m PR friendly 😉

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