Things I Want – But How?

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2018)

Okay, here’s The Famous Ashley Grant’s deep thoughts that have bubbled up all month and resulted in this post on this last day of the first month of this new year…

I know I want to be able to help people- truly help people. I want to enjoy my life with my husband. I want to be a traveling writer and photographer. NOTE- I did NOT say a travel writer or a travel photographer. I’ve learned that I don’t want to be a travel writer or travel photographer because I want to actually be able to enjoy the things I see and experience. There IS a difference. Traveling while writing and taking pictures is VERY different from traveling to a place with the sole intention of taking pictures of the place and writing about the place. Sure, I want to do some of that, but my main focus is the writing and taking pictures while traveling…

I also know that I have to make a certain amount of money each month to survive. My struggle as of late has been to combine all my wants into a career that will fulfill each of my wants while also satisfying that bottom line number that I have to meet.

I have felt so lost lately and so frustrated and I’m just not sure what my next step is.

How can I write and take pictures while traveling and make enough money to survive but also help people along the way?

I want to be able to give money to someone in need, buy a cup of coffee for a stranger any time the mood strikes, pay someone’s rent one month that really deserves a break, give a gift card for a mani-pedi to a mom that never takes care of herself, give a massage certificate to a hard worker I know stands on their feet all day…I have a heart filled with the desire to give, but a financial situation causing me to worry more about my own needs than those of others.

I know exactly how much money I need to be making to pay all of my bills on time every month, get myself out of debt and start saving for retirement, but every time I have a moment to myself…my mind wanders to how much I want to give to others. How do I get it all? How do I find a way to give when I keep needing to receive?

I continue to seek my answer…