The Symbolism of Wedding Flowers

Everyone knows that planning a wedding can be hard. There are so many details to think about, and it all has to go together perfectly. One of these details is the flowers. Do they go with the color scheme? How expensive are they? How should they be arranged? Every bride thinks about these kinds of questions. However, one fact that is often overlooked is the significance of the flowers being used. Everybody knows that roses symbolize love and romance. But what about the other flowers commonly used for weddings? All of these flowers have meanings too, and it is something a bride should consider before simply selecting a flower that complements her colors.

Baby’s Breath

In nearly every flower arrangement, one can find the baby’s breath sticking out among the other brilliantly colored flowers. This is because the baby’s breath is fairly inexpensive and really adds class and beauty to the arrangements. Aside from the above two reasons, the baby’s breath is the perfect flower to add to a wedding arrangement. Going along with the message conveyed by the white wedding dress, this elegant flower symbolizes innocence. A common theme at any wedding, this simple flower adds to the overall message of the day and goes well with the white dress and other white themes found in a typical wedding.

Calla Lily

Although an expensive flower, these are some of the most commonly used flowers in weddings. These flowers are elegant and add class and allure to any wedding. But how many people know that this flower symbolizes magnificent beauty? The wedding day is about the bride and her feeling like a princess. Using these flowers in the arrangements for a wedding adds to this message that the bride is a magnificent beauty herself. The simplicity of this flower adds to the overall class of the bride and also contributes to the theme of innocence and purity with its white color.


Another common yet expensive wedding flower, tulips come in many varieties and colors. However, an often overlooked fact is that these happy, spring flowers symbolize the same thing as a rose: love and passion. These flowers are perfect to use for outdoor or springtime weddings. And for the bride who wants to avoid using the stereotypical rose but still wants to convey the same message, tulips are the perfect way to go. Also, since they come in such a plethora of colors, they can go with almost any wedding schemes.

Flowers to Avoid

However, not all flowers have positive meanings, and brides should keep in mind what the flower symbolizes before choosing it for a wedding arrangement. Flowers can symbolize everything from deceit to infidelity to death. One flower to avoid putting in wedding arrangements are foxgloves, which represent insincerity. This is not exactly the message one would want to put across at a wedding.

Also, avoid lavender, which symbolizes distrust and marigolds, which represent grief. There are many flowers that have meanings symbolizing similar themes, and sometimes the same type of flower can symbolize completely different things based on what color they are. The safest route for a bride to go is to look into the meaning of the flower before ordering it for an arrangement.