The Six Figure Version of Me

I’ve been getting into personal development more than ever. I’m in love with all things woo, and teachings on how to make your life one of your dreams. One of the teachings that has been coming up a lot in my life is to consider what the version of your dream self would look like. Predictably, my dream self relies on being pretty financially secure, so I’ve started to take on board the advice that Teach Me Personal Finance lays out, in the hope that if I integrate some of it into my day to day routine I might start to see my finances grow. But money isn’t everything and there are plenty of aspects of my dream self’s life that I could start prioritizing now. So, in this post, I’m going to explore that for a moment.

As I earn six figures profit annually, this is what my life looks like:

  • Six figure Ashley has two amazing full time virtual assistant working for me managing everything from social media to customer service, as well as contractors when necessary so that I can focus on my zone of genius.
  • Six figure Ashley earns passive income thanks to amazing sales funnels that I’ve set up to sell my eBooks and courses.
  • I have the ability to purchase, decorate and rent out properties which I’ve heard some people who do similar things find through websites like Roofstock this allows me to boost my monthly passive income and provide housing to people. How it will be passive is I’ll purchase and decorate the properties, and then hire a rental management company to handle all the actual rental stuff.
  • As a six figure earner, I outsource my grocery shopping, laundry and housework. It doesn’t cost much extra to have a company like instacart do my grocery shopping, my laundry can be sent out pretty cheap, and I found an awesome gal to do the light housework.
  • Six figure Ashley has a meal plan for every day of the year. I don’t want to waste time deciding on what to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, and meal plans help take out the guesswork. Not only do I have a meal plan, I often will even have my meals prepared and delivered to me, or I’ll use a meal delivery kit like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron.
  • Six figure Ashley also uses a personal trainer at least once a week, and has a fabulous gym membership. I work out regularly not for looks, but to maintain good health and high energy.
  • I create content often. I love creating and teaching, so I do it frequently. I also take breaks when needed so I can refill my creative juices.
  • Six figure Ashley has frequent date nights and days with my husband. I love going out to eat with him, and thoroughly enjoy movies, shows and other entertainment.
  • I enjoy amazing, deep relationships with my closest friends, and we regularly get together to jam on all things business and life, but also to just cut up and have a fun time. Hello girls nights!
  • I have two cars – one for me, and one for my husband. They aren’t brand spankin new, and that’s okay. They are both very comfortable, and run like a dream with little maintenance required. I regularly have the car washed and vacuumed so it always feels new and clean.
  • Six figure Ashley has a nice, and modest home. I’ve never liked the idea of living in a home that is too big for my family. So, I have the perfect size for my husband, my dogs, and me. There is also a spare room for guests if we have them, but it could easily be turned into a baby’s room when we decide to expand our family.
  • Six figure Ashley gets weekly massages, and regularly enjoys manicures and pedicures as well as facials. This pampering rejuvenates me, and recharges my batteries so I can keep giving to my world.
  • I regularly get 7-8 hours of sleep per night, and I spend time meditating, journaling, and taking care of myself.
  • I travel 3-6 months out of the year, and am able to continue working while on my travels thanks to my online business. And, my team helps me keep the daily stuff going while I’m away so that if I don’t want to work one day or even one week, everything will keep running smoothly without me.
  • Six figure Ashley has products that help people. My books, courses, and digital products aid my clients in making their own businesses better so they too can make more money, and live their best lives.

Have you ever explored your dream version of yourself?

I encourage you to let your mind wander. Open a fresh document in your favorite word processor, or open to a new page in your journal and just explore what the dream version of you would look like. Would you be different? Think about how you would feel, and what your relationships, finances, health, daily life and more would look like.

Not only is this a fun exercise, it opens your mind up to what you truly want out of life. Then, once you start figuring out what your dream life actually looks like, you can start moving things, and making shifts to bring that dream version of yourself into your reality.