The Best Table Decorations For Weddings

Lovely table decorations are not difficult to create, but make a wedding breakfast extra special.

Amid the flurry of wedding preparations, it is important to try and make time for those special details that will make the wedding breakfast extra special. This can be achieved by adding some thoughtful table decorations that will compliment the atmosphere and the food being served.

Tables and menus for the wedding guests

Wedding guests will feel especially welcome if their place card has been prepared with obvious care and attention. One idea is to make a copy of a love song on some firm paper or card and then insert the name of the guest using a gold or silver pen. This theme can be continued by copying the menu onto some firm paper or card onto which the love song has been copied. Alternatively, a simpler solution is to slip the menu into a neatly folded sheet of music.

An unusual idea for a place card is to make a mini easel which has been decorated to match the colors of the table. These can then be labeled with the name of each guest. An inexpensive but unusual place card effect can be achieved by setting a small labeled bag on the table in which a flower has been placed.

Napkins with a romantic edge

It is not necessary to try and fold napkins into a complicated shape. The desired effect can be achieved by simply using a nice napkin ring. Short strings of pearls make very attractive napkin rings. Department stores often sell readymade short bead and pearl garlands which can be used as napkin rings. Alternatively, the pearls could be alternated with red heart shaped glass beads. Or a few pearls or beads can be sewn onto a strip of ribbon which can then be used to tie the napkin. If desired, this theme can be continued by tying strips of ribbon, sewn with the same pearls and beads, around the candlesticks on the table.

Organdy tablecloth

Plain white tablecloths can look a bit boring. However, they can be easily brightened up by adding some minor detailing. Loops of ribbon can be sewn onto the tablecloth at regular intervals to mark the place settings. Craft shops often sell decorations such as butterflies in all kinds of bright colors which can be attached to the tablecloth. If this is too much work; then consider buying an inexpensive patterned “runner” for the center of the table. A colorful runner will set off very nicely against the plain white tablecloth.

You can make your table look individual and unique by making your own place mats. This can be achieved by selecting a favorite poem or motive and printing it using an ink jet printer, in your chosen colors onto transfer paper. This can then be ironed onto the placemats. Alternatively, obtain some square solid sheets of paper of the type used for photograph albums. They are available in a wide variety of designs and can simply be placed over the placemat. They should be covered with transparent cling-film so that they can be used again.

Hearts made from plastic or glass

If possible, it is a very nice finishing touch to hang a glass or plastic heart above thetable. This is a very inexpensive way of adding that extra splash of color.These can be painted with glass paint to add an interesting frosted effect. Or,rhinestones or other semi-precious stones can be glued on. The same techniques asused for napkins can also be used here. Consider tying some decorated ribbonsaround the heart or filling it with artificial rose petals. Even the light fittings anddoorframes can be made to look special by tying them with matching ribbons ordecorated garlands.