Tampa Bay Freebies Will Now Be Posted HERE!

Hi there! So glad you stopped by! After waaaaaaaaaaay too long of a hiatus, we’re back and working on plans to be better than EVER! If you haven’t heard of us before, Tampa Bay Freebies is all about delivering the best ways to eat, drink and be entertained, for FREE! Be it a free Redbox code, an awesome happy hour deal or just a buy one get one free offer that simply can’t be missed, we plan to post it! Know of killer FREEBIE that Tampa Bay needs to know about? Send it HERE with the subject TAMPA BAY FREEBIES, and if we love it too, we’ll post it! Check out our guidelines below the image 🙂

Guidelines for sending freebies:

  • Please include the exact FREE offer in the email in a few sentences explaining how the average Tampanian can get the freebie.
  • If you have an image you want posted with the freebie please attach one that is smaller than 1.0 MB to the email you send our way.