Summer Self Care For Busy Women

No matter how overwhelmed women can get, it is important for them to set time aside for activities that are relaxing and fulfilling.

Many women have obligations that keep them from taking time out for themselves. This is particularly true for those women whose seasonal employment may make summer the only opportunity to earn an income as well as those for whom summer break from school increases the number of parenting-related tasks. No matter what the overwhelming responsibilities may be, busy women can benefit from the following tips.

Find Places to Relax

One of the first things women need to recognize is that it is not only okay to relax; it is vital to their overall well being. Taking time out to decompress — even if it’s only for a few moments — can give women the opportunity to nurture their mind, body, and soul. Here are some suggestions for summer relaxation.

 Spend some time in an outdoor serenity or botanical garden for spiritual reconnection.
 Take an afternoon or evening to drive to a beach, sit on the shore, and listen to the waves.
 Take advantage of lunch or coffee breaks to enjoy a favorite magazine or read a chapter in a good book.
 Bring a touch of nature into the home by planting container gardens or adding live plants to the decor.

Participate in Community Activities

It is important for busy women to make sure they don’t neglect the social aspect of self-care. Getting involved with community events is one great way to get involved with others on a more relaxed social level, whether it be through volunteering or simply attending the event itself. Community papers and websites generally list local celebrations and festivals at least a week in advance.

Learn a New Outdoor Skill

For women who enjoy adventures and being active, taking advantage of the warm weather to learn or develop a new outdoor skill can be fulfilling both mentally and physically. Even women who are less active but feel a desire to do something different can consider some of the following suggestions for a change of pace.

 Learn and practice a new water sport such as aqua aerobics, swimming, water skiing, or surfing.
 Sign up for golfing lessons or community sports leagues such as baseball, soccer, or volleyball.
 Take some basic camping or bush survival instruction on skills such as shelter building, orienteering, woodcutting, or campfire cooking.

Whatever a woman’s personal circumstances or comfort level may be, it is important for women to remember that taking some time out for themselves can help them gain the mental, physical and emotional energy needed to tend to their daily responsibilities. Trying something new is an exciting way to stimulate the mind and celebrate summer all at the same time.