Stress-free Moving That Is Both Efficient And Economical

Moving can be a stress-free event that is both efficient and economical by using friends, labeling boxes, and spreading the event over days.

In our foreclosure ridden society, more and more people are moving on a daily basis to new apartments or homes. For many, moving is full of stress and seen as a difficult and laborious task. While moving is never going to be fun, there are ways to alleviate stress and make the process of moving into a new home a much more efficient task.

Ask Friends to Help Move Economically

The best way to move while saving money is to ask friends to help. Many people have friends that owe favors or are just genuinely good people and won’t mind helping move. Calling on their help will not only save money on movers costs, but it will also make the process more enjoyable. It could be a moving party with pizza afterward and a plethora of jokes made while tussling with boxes and fragile objects. Friends also help save money since they often have trucks or other vehicles to help move larger objects.

To make it easier on friends, spread moving time out over days or weeks. This way, the task won’t seem so massive. There could be a day in which only kitchen objects are moved. Another day could be just spent on clothes. By doing this, the new place can be organized efficiently, while also moving out of the old place.

Move Out With Boxes Organized Correctly

Nothing is worse than when after moving, it is impossible to find the correct items among all the boxes of objects. Make sure that the boxes used are labeled and organized based upon the room they will go in. Kitchen objects should have their own box, while bedding could also have their own box. Use sharp, dark black markers on white tape to label these boxes. The clutter will be easier to rummage through later on.

Look Forward to Housewarming Parties After a Move

If the process of moving becomes almost unbearable, it may help psychologically to think about a future benefit of a move, like a housewarming party. Every person should throw themselves a housewarming party after getting settled in as a way to both have fun and reward themselves for a job well done.

Although moving is often stressful, it can become an experience that is efficient, economical, and rewarding in the end. The next time a move presents itself, do not worry; by using these simple tips, the job itself will become harmless and, possibly, enjoyable.