Solar Generators for Survival

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Are you prepared for a power outage or emergency? This guide will teach you everything you need to know about solar generators and how to choose the best one for your needs.

Solar Generators for Survival

Given everything that’s going on in the world, more people are aware that they need to be better prepared to take care of themselves. People are learning how to create a food supply, how to store water for emergency use and the importance of relying on themselves.

One area that men and women are looking at being prepared for has to do with the loss of electricity. There’s a growing concern over what might happen if the grid happens to go down indefinitely.

Some states and countries have already experienced upheaval in their electrical grids. If you’re wondering how to prepare in the event of a long-term outage, there are some things that you can do now.

Never Rely on the Grid

Some people believe that the grid going down is a remote possibility. They think that it won’t happen in their lifetime or that if it does, power companies would have them up and running in hours, or days – worst case scenario.

During a war, each side fights to cripple the other’s way of life. They want communication cut off. They want electricity cut off. That’s one thing that is a real threat in today’s society.

Wars are being fought that are seeing impacts to the way of life and now and in the future, wars may not be traditional. Instead of going to the front line to fight face to face with another country’s military, what’s happening are strategic online attacks.

The power grid is online. The enemy can shut down a nation simply by hacking into the system and taking control. This type of sabotage isn’t something that’s done on a whim. It’s carefully planned and then carried out so that it causes the maximum amount of loss and distress.

Wars in the future will wreak havoc on the grid. This deliberate execution is done to cause harm to the economy. As soon as the grid does go down, those in charge of the system will get to work and try to undo the damage.

But the problem is that an online attack isn’t easily figured out. Sometimes code can be placed during an attack and when someone tries to fix the hacking, it can make matters worse and cause further disruptions.

When the power goes out right now, the electric company sends out trucks. The workers go and start checking the system to find out where the break is. Once they do, they can usually get the power restored within just a matter of hours.

It’s not like that when there’s a deliberate attack on the grid. This type of damage isn’t something the electric company can just send a truck out to fix. Because of how complicated it is, the disruption of electrical services may last awhile.

In some cases, the loss of electricity could last for months – or even years. You might think that you’re somewhat prepared. If you’re like most people, you probably have a supply of flashlight and batteries.

But batteries and gas powered sources like a generator aren’t a very good option. Batteries will die at some point and you won’t be able to get more because they’ll be in short supply.

When the grid goes down, you can’t get gas for a generator because gas pumps need electricity to run. Plus, the entire supply chain might be broken, so you’ll only have power for as long as your current supply lasts.

Solar Generators Could Prevent a Personal Catastrophe

Because everyone is so used to having it, when the power goes out, it’s a real inconvenience. But because it usually comes right back on, the inconvenience is just a minor issue.

Most people just wait it out. Once the power resumes, life carries on just like it did before. But in the event that the grid goes down, it’s not going to happen like that. Life as you know it will come to a halt.

Many people will become painfully aware of just how much their life centers around having electricity and trying to cope will be difficult. There are so many areas of life that will change if there’s no power.

Most grocery stores operate their doors using electricity. The doors won’t open without it. For stores that do have a way to open the door and let the customers in, it won’t do any good because the food supply in stock is quickly going to run out as people become desperate to just take the items.

Those who deliver the food supplies to the stores won’t be able to fuel up their trucks and get the food across the states. So bare shelves will remain bare. The food that’s in the store before it’s taken won’t be able to be sold because cash register machines can’t operate without electricity.

The debit card that you use all the time now will become as worthless as a piece of a plastic. The store can’t swipe it. The ATM won’t be working, and the bank won’t be able to give you any money because they can’t access your account without electricity.

When you’re at home, you’re going to be impacted by the loss of power. There won’t be any air conditioning to cool the blazing heat of the summer. Of, if the grid is down during winter months, you won’t have a way to heat your home.

You’ll be physically uncomfortable in more ways than one. Your stove won’t be any use when there’s no electricity. So you won’t be able to cook. The hot water heater won’t work, so there won’t be any warm showers.

Some people rely on electricity for more than just their regular way of life. They must have access to power due to medical needs. Many people have machinery such as oxygen concentrators that require electricity.

Without power, those machines won’t work and it could endanger lives. For those who use a CPAP machine, it’s the same issue if the electricity goes out. It’s stressful when something disrupts your norm in life, but even more so when you have a medical issue or someone you love does.

This is why you want to invest in a solar generator. You don’t have to fret about not having power when you need. This can prevent the hardship of being without and give you peace of mind.

The Benefits of Owning a Solar Generator

There are so many benefits to having a solar generator. You don’t have to worry about getting gas for it. You don’t have worry about batteries or electricity. Having a solar generator can help you to keep your life a little more normal during something chaotic like the grid going down.

For example, if you have one, you’ll be able to stay in communication with the people you care about. You’ll know what’s going on in their lives and if they’re okay. If you work online, you can still do that with a generator because – if cell towers are still operational, you can use mobile hotspots.

You’ll also be able to find support if you can use your laptop. There will be other people going through the same thing and this is a good way for you to be able to gain as well as share information.

You can find out where food is if necessary and what areas to avoid in case there’s chaos that makes them unsafe. A solar generator can do more than just allow you to be on your laptop for communication or work purposes.

You can use one to help restore as much of your normal way of life as possible. For example, if you have a solar generator, you can hook up your stove. This means that you’ll still be able to cook for yourself or your family.

You’ll be able to heat up canned goods or make fresh foods. Being able to cook can bring comfort to yourself as well as your family. Besides being able to cook, you’ll also be able to run your refrigerator like you usually would.

This will allow you to keep your food safe from going bad. Plus, it will allow you to keep your food longer so you’ll be able to have leftovers if needed and you can hold out with stuff from your freezer in the event you can’t find the items that you need.

You won’t have to sit in the dark once the sun goes down. A solar generator can be used to light your home in more than one room. When your normal way of life is interrupted where you don’t have light, not only can boredom quickly set in, but a dark home is more likely to be targeted by thieves.

A solar generator is something that can also be of use for you when there’s no emergency power situation going on. When you have a generator, it creates power for you that you don’t have to pay for.

So you end up saving a lot of money. It’s one of the best investments that you can make to protect your way of life as well as your home during a chaotic event. You’ll have peace of mind and the generator is quiet, so your neighbors won’t know that you have a solution.

How to Shop for the Right Solar Generator

You want to carefully consider the solar generator that you purchase and make your decision after weighing certain factors. Cost may be the deciding issue for you. You want to choose one that works with your budget but is also able to meet your electric needs.

In addition, you’ll also want to look at how much space it’s going to take up and where you’re going to place it. The panel sizes and set up will be different, depending on which brand you end up buying.

Another thing that you need to consider is the weight of the generator. You want one that you can move around. You want to make it easy to change locations with it. If it’s too big and bulky, then you’ll have a harder time.

You can find a wide variation in sizes and it would be a lot easier to move one weighing 60 pounds than one weighing over 200. When selecting the generator, you want to check out how easy it is to use.

One that’s so complicated it would take a scientist to figure out isn’t one that you’re going to easily use or be happy with – especially if you can’t figure out how to operate it when you need it.

Some generators have touch screen controls that will walk you through what you need to do in order to set it up and get it running. Next, you’ll need to look at the generator’s ability to charge.

Some of the brands are great at charging in normal weather when the sun is bright. Others struggle when there’s cloud cover. If that’s the case, then if you have periods of overcast days, you might not have the charge that you need to run your home.

People talk about products they’ve purchased. When you’re searching for a solar generator, you’ll want to weigh the opinion of others. So check out the reviews of each of the generators.

With every product, you’re going to have a couple of unhappy buyers. That’s normal. But if there are hundreds of people negatively reviewing the product about the same issue, then that could be a problem with that generator.

When looking at reviews, pay attention to the ones that have home photos showing the generator in use as well as ones that are verified purchases. You’ll want to check out the generators across the brands, too.

Some brands have more durability and have been proven over time. That doesn’t mean one that’s newer to the market won’t be the same. But if there’s no track record and no reviews, you do want to be a bit more careful about buying it.

Some of the more well-known brands have good models to choose from. These would be ones in the EcoFlow, Jackery, Bluetti or Renogy line. Finally, you want to consider the amount of energy the generator can produce.

It’s a lot different shopping for one that can provide for one or two people versus one that needs to produce electricity for a family of five. So shop based on price, size, ease of use and needs.

Tips on Setting Up and Using Your New Solar Generator

Having a solar generator means you’ll be able to have a more normal lifestyle in the event that the grid goes down. These devices are quieter and cleaner for the environment as well.

But in order to get the most out of your generator, there are some things you need to keep in mind. First, you need to pay attention to the positioning. Where your panels are located will make a difference in how they gather power.

When you put the panels in place, you can’t just set them up at any type of angle. The angle of the panel has to be situated so that it’s able to take advantage of the sun’s rays.

That means that this angle is going to change depending on the time of year. For example, the higher the sun is, the lower the angle can be. Understanding latitude can help you know best where the angle should be.

For example, during the months of March, April and May, your panels can be set at a 45 degree angle. You also need to be sure that your generator stays in top working condition.

If you have a “set it and forget it” mindset toward it, then the lifespan of the machine will be shortened. You always want to make sure that it’s clean. Being outside causes dust and other debris to block the sun’s rays.

You have to clean off the panels and keep the generator clean as well. You want to watch for unnecessary power use from the generator. When you set it up, only use what you absolutely must have.

If you’re not using the TV or a lamp, then unplug it so that it’s not using the power. Because they’re solar, some people think these types of generators are difficult to set up, but they’re not.

They’re actually a lot easier to use than fuel powered ones are. All you have to do is start it, hook up whatever items you need electricity for and then use your items. It’s that easy.

What you want to pay attention to is the amount of power your generator has from the stored energy. You don’t ever want that to go below around 80%. Solar generators that bottom out can take awhile to regain a full charge.

The way you use the solar generators isn’t going to vary much according to size. The positioning of the panels and care of the generator is the same regardless of whether it’s a small or large machine.

There are many different types of solar survival supplies that you can buy to give you power. From a small solar phone to a large solar generator that has several large panels and can provide power to a refrigerator, you can find something for every purpose you want.

Start out with what you can best afford, for your most pressing needs. If you need a way to cook, there are solar cookers. If you just want your phone charged or a radio to work, get something small.

But set aside funds to get a large solar generator for a major SHTF event, when the grid isn’t expected to come back online anytime soon. This will provide your family with the ability to survive in comfort.