Save On Your Wedding Reception

Cost-effective ideas to personalize and brighten up your wedding or civil ceremony reception venue. It can also be used for any special event, such as anniversaries.

Don’t let (lack of) finances hold you back from celebrating your big day in style. Have you ever thought of holding your reception or party in a venue such as a town hall or community center?

It is not just the modest hire fee that is attractive. Perhaps this was the venue for your parents’ marriage. Maybe you do not want to go down the well-worn path of pub, bar, or hotel, feeling such a space is a little too impersonal.

With a little thought and minimal preparation, it is possible – without breaking the bank – to transform a plain hall into a magical, welcoming space that is perfect for celebrating your big day. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Table Decorations

Make your tables look elegant and classy, and the eye will be drawn to them and away from less aesthetically pleasing items such as fire exit signs. Remember that your guests will be dressed up to the nines, which will only add to the effect.

Banquet Roll

This cost-efficient and convenient alternative to tablecloths is an absolute must. Banquet roll is high quality embossed paper table covering. It transforms cheap stacking tables into presentable dining tables.

Cutlery and Crockery Hire

Don’t bother trying to borrow plates, bowls, and cutlery from friends and family – it is a logistical nightmare, as well as ruining the classy impression that you are trying to create. Instead, hire these items. Many firms also offer a washing up service afterward for a small fee.

Choose simple and classic crockery – plain white is a foolproof choice. Set against banquet roll, it is reminiscent of the understated décor of a high-class restaurant.


Chinese Lanterns

These look pretty strung overhead along the width of the hall – over the stage if there is one. Be aware that fire regulations probably prohibit lighting tea lights inside them – however, unlit tea lights help to weigh them down, so they hang properly.

Family Photos

Why not replace the pictures in the hall with your own for the evening? The bigger, the better. Consider baby and toddler photos, portraits of previous generations, or your parents’ own wedding pictures. This may be a good time to properly frame that photo of you winning first prize at the school fun run!


Because the lighting in these venues is often harsh, it is a good idea to invest a little in softer lighting that will add atmosphere to your celebration. Candles and tea lights are a timeless solution – but, do check fire regulations, especially if you are placing them on banquet roll.

Small table lamps can be found for next to nothing. Make sure you check that there are enough electrical points and that you arrange some of the tables next to these sockets.

Try to borrow a couple of up-lighters for the corners of the room. Again, they are not expensive to buy if you look around.